Southern News reporter Zhou Wei Zhongwen Yan,giubbotti woolrich, 34, gave birth to a second child due in a few days, was told several different social compensation fee collection program. Photos Southern Reporter obtained show, one of which was 53,700 yuan, 108,732 yuan for another, and the latter for the former twice as much.

Two children living fake divorce?

Zhongwen Yan Fujian Province Wuping people. In 2003, her eldest son was born, the youngest son was born in April 2013. Ten years, she and her husband divorced twice, in November 2013, is the youngest son was born six months after their third registration of marriage.

"Men are the same, but my husband is very good for the children, so I remarried. In addition, the second time since remarried also discovered she was pregnant." Zhongwen Yan said. And Wu Xiong County Commissioner of Health and four treasure that Zhongwen Yan "is to have two children and leave the divorce."

According to the material Wuping Population and Family Planning Bureau, "children born out of wedlock" than "marital bounce" social compensation fee amount to be paid less. "Unmarried childbearing, rural levy 10473.6-17456 yuan," more than one child, the "expropriation 34912-52368 yuan." Local family planning policy, only the first child is a daughter was allowed to have a second child.

"How could I leave for a second child and divorce? My first child is the son, is not necessary." Bell said.

Fines ranging from two parties say different amounts

Zhongwen Yan said, December 20, 2013 at noon, she found the home through the crack into a "social compensation fee levied this book", this book says, under the "social compensation fee levied 53,700 yuan."

"I took the list to the Planning Commission to ask why so much money to pay, they said I fake divorce, and not with the bad attitude, then it is three times the penalty." said.

Zhongwen Yan told reporters the South, a few days later, she went to family planning, "want to talk down the price," but the other party has told her to pay 108,732 yuan social compensation fee, on the grounds that she "did not work together, and a bad attitude." . Photos Southern Reporter obtained show does have two notices, and two lists are signing date "December 20th."

County planning commissioner Wu Zhen Xiong four denied Zhongwen Yan argument. Xiong told reporters the South, had extorted Zhongwen Yan did not know the couple's account for a non-farm agricultural one, so in accordance with urban residents account fees are calculated. In fact Zhongwen Yan accounts for farmers, compared to non-agricultural husband.

"Because she does not work together, we will impose the highest standards, which is Wuping 2012 per capita income three times", but later found after for rural household, "has turned into a 53,700 yuan."

Statistics show that in 2012 Wuping for 8728 yuan per capita income, per capita disposable income of urban residents was 18,122 yuan. According to regulations, farmers account social compensation fee is lower than urban residents social compensation fee. Charges 53,700 yuan for both husband and wife were levied by rural and urban population converted from standard.

As for the "Two days out of the same amount, ranging from a single collection," Four Bears Jane said it was because "can not change the date of the signing, the next day found the list to open the wrong 108,732 yuan, 53,700 yuan canceled later opened the list, but still Department 20 December. "

"We have discretion."

Four Bears Jane told reporters the South, according to the regulations, a farming couple Zhongwen Yan a non-farm pay alimony can "between any of a number of more than 50,000 to more than 80,000 yuan," in, if the "object" can work together, you can follow minimum standards for pay, if the attitude is not good, according to the highest standards of pay, and will take legal proceedings.

"This is the legal framework, Fujian Province, are the standard, two to three times can be, we have discretion." deputy secretary in charge of planning work Wuping told reporters the South.

January 3, after consultations, family planning notice Zhongwen Yan first pay 53,700 yuan of 45,000 yuan. After receiving the payment notice, and did not go to pay . "Willingness to pay is more than 50,000, more than 100,000 do not want to pay it, in the end how much of the cross?" Zhong Wenyan do not quite understand, "I asked them to pay 45,000 yuan after it, but also do not pay, they do not say. "

"Do not take the initiative to press three times the standard, if you do not pay after three months, we will for enforcement." said.

(Original title: Fujian peasant bounce bad attitude "penalty" double?)