Dongying October 24 newspaper News (trainee reporter Gu Pine) school gate no traffic lights, no traffic police on duty, let the line passing vehicles. Dongying Shengli Castle elementary school principal clever methods do not work, school physical education teacher reluctantly let two wearing fake police uniforms bought at the door "on duty", escorting more than 700 pupils to cross the road.

At 11:00 on the 21st, the reporter in Dongying Zibo Road on the 3rd victory saw Aoyama elementary,piumini peuterey, school four-lane road in front of Zibo, 20 meters wide, the door is no traffic lights, slow down only two warning lights. Ground zebra has largely disappeared, many of the vehicles on the road, pedestrians need to be very careful to come across.

11:15, school after school. Reporters saw, from the teaching building to come out - group students, which - were wearing white caps, police uniforms and reflective vest, wearing white gloves, "police." "Traffic" from the school stood in front of the school to come out after the double yellow line in the middle of the road, directing students to cross the road vehicle avoidance, and personally led the students to cross the road.

After 15 minutes, the students basically gone, "police" back to school, the "uniforms" took off, wearing casual T-shirt came out. President Wang Qingshan primary victory, told reporters that this "police" is actually the school's physical education teacher, "uniforms" is the school bought.

"The teacher wear 'uniforms' is completely safe for students to cross the road, the students had finished it off road, not all kinds of evil." President Wang told reporters that the school gate rather special, they thought a lot of ways, but the past is not the driver ignored. Schools find drivers are afraid of police, several phone calls Dongying City police department, hoping to send the traffic police directing traffic at the time the school day. President Wang said the school purchased a fake police uniforms, so that two physical education teacher on duty took turns standing in front of the school, "It is not lawful, as we all know, but there is no way."

Reporters from the city traffic police detachment Facilities Division learned that the problem will be sent to the field research zebra primary entrance of Castle victory until after the leadership to decide on the specific start date report.

Law, the people's police police insignia, uniforms, implements and certificates for the people's police special, other individuals and organizations shall hold and use.