Hubei Laohekou Xue Jizhen tragedy occurred a few days ago, a 6-year-old boy was cut off the ears of their own aunt, and was cut chin. Reporter Xue set the day before from the police station to confirm this, according to police, the case disaster from a family dispute, the current suspects have been XingJu.

The day before yesterday, "Ma Xiangyang two children brutally cutting off their ears, the ears have been thrown into the toilet pulled necrosis ......" message was quickly forwarded on the network, the day before 18:30, the old mouth of the Public Security Bureau announced on its official website, The alleged rebellion case is true, but does not match the part of the plot.

The official informed that, January 28, Laohekou Xueji Zhen Wang Kawamura countrywoman Zhang Qihui 35 years, due to family disputes will be 6-year-old son, husband, brother, Fanfan (a pseudonym) Pianzhi nobody at their two ears with a fruit knife and cut its chin. Fanfan villagers heard the cries, the Zhangqi Hui caught, to the police station who heard Xue set.

When police arrived on the scene soon Fanfan injured to hospital, not completely cut off the right ear was taken alive, the police left ear was found in the grass,peuterey sito ufficiale, when the hospital had necrosis. Due to the harsh nature of the case, the old mouth of the police handling of special classes exclusively composed of the Spring Festival holiday is not, the full investigation, investigation of the case.

It is understood that the injured Fanfan's vital signs were stable, the suspect Zhang Qihui suspicion of intentional assault, criminal detention by the police, the case is still in process.

After the incident, the local television station interviewed back from the field of Fanfan's parents, his father said Wang Zhiyong, usually two or a good relationship with the sister, "They build a house, looking for us to borrow money, I did not give her." But tragedy Whether triggered, the couple is not known. France late, the South

(Original title: Hubei, a 6-year-old boy was cut off ears aunt)