After the injury, do some light work Cuiyu Hai told reporters taken only in the cafe
Xi'an, a cafe manager,nike tn pas cher, recently a thief in the arm was chopped, his injury affects the hearts of thousands of miles away a lady. Commissioned by the lady yesterday, the reporter found that multi-link network brave.

Ms. Tao's home in Xi'an, she worked at a company in Shanghai. Recently, she dialed the newspaper hotline, said at the time and at home chatting, mention the family suddenly within a nearby cafe, NM injured in the fight, and the thief thing. "I do not know how he kind of injury, if he flies bad I wanted to help him ......" Ms. Tao said that although Shanghai from Xi'an very far, it can feel like the same place in the side.

Yesterday morning, with Miss Tao wish, the reporter found the Golden Road is located in Xi'an, the driving force behind the digital entertainment cafe, saw the network Cuiyu Hai discharged soon. "Actually, I was caught a thief, did not catch but also let him run." Cuiyu Hai right has been huddled in the abdomen, the injury has not recovered.

say, October 28 at 7 pm, when three thieves stole a mobile phone, he quickly stepped forward to stop the thieves took out a sharp knife to his left arm to go, but also severely cut in his right wrist, then the thief fled stolen phone is Cuiyu Hai hang on, return to the hands of the owner. After diagnosis, his right forearm tendon damage blood vessels and nerves. Now his injury recovery is not satisfactory, basically can not work right, usually eat are relying on the left hand.

Cuiyu Hai, 37, from Heilongjiang, more than a year working in Xi'an. After the injury, he arranged to cafes relatively easy job. But he is worried that the arm can return to normal.

Golden reporter contacted police Beilin Branch Road police station, the police said the current case is still detected, the specific information to disclose. Yesterday afternoon, Shaanxi Hao Zhao Xiaodong public law firm lawyers believe that the thief to use violence to resist the process of committing the crime, the theft has been transformed into the robbery, according to the province courageous staff incentives and protection regulations, Cuiyu Hai courageous actions are consistent with the conditions, he may apply to comprehensive management department of the local community.

At 7 pm, Miss Tao called the phone thief said he does not regret it a bit. "This evil must be stopped shares, can not let the bad guys prevailed." Newspaper reporter Songfei Hong