Heze newspaper May 31 (Reporter Cui Rukun) "Anyone here robbing a bank, as well as hand bomb." May 31, Yuncheng call our hotline, said Cao. Originally, the afternoon of May 31, Yuncheng, a man obsessed with the lottery result, Sa month time now lost 11 million yuan, actually holding a dry powder extinguishing gun in the bank door, strapped "Er Tijiao" hostage-taking, in order to escape the death penalty.

At 15 o'clock on May 31 and more, in a bank Yuncheng old pedestrian door, Cao saw a man hijacked a man fifty years old, who seems to have strapped a bomb,louboutin homme, Mr. Cao and quickly left the scene, the scene was dialed the alarm call.

Alarm, Yuncheng special patrol unit patrol squadrons and four city police station rushed to the scene. "Give me one hundred thousand dollars, enough to death on the line!" The man to see the police arrived, the clamor.

Police found the man armed with a gun powder extinguishing, strapped "Erti Jiao," he is a male hostage. Police the men were patient and meticulous persuasion six or seven minutes later, the man to surrender, who hijacked unharmed.

It is understood that the man surnamed Zhang, 23 years old, in 2011, he spent two yuan to buy a lottery of 10,000 yuan note, then, Zhang fell in love with the lottery, Sa month time now lost 11 million yuan. In addition to the hostage-taking of farce, some time ago, and he still sleeping pills, turning on the gas you want to commit suicide, but was rescued found.

Later, Zhang wife left him, and suicidal thoughts he bought "Er Tijiao" dry powder fire guns and other props, the interpretation of a robbery and kidnapping drama.

"I thought the police were caught and shot, it liberated." Zhang said. According to his account, May 31, he bought a 11 "Er Tijiao" with tape wrapped around the body, holding a remote control motorcycle, pockets placed the gun went dry powder extinguishing bank, not just sit down for a while, came a fifty-year-old man sitting next to him, he pulled out a gun at the man said: "You do not move, you sit down, I do not hurt you, I'll wait for the police station who came to me with go. "

Currently, Zhang has been in administrative detention, the case is being further processed.