8 o'clock yesterday morning, in a public female toilet Hefei Railway Station Square, and suddenly heard a man's voice, after passengers panic alarm, turned out to be a pair of young lovers, "run away" to Hefei being chased by their parents, so he's Under hide toilets "refuge."

Alarming According to police reports, the morning, said police received a number of female passengers in the toilet "There are predators, hiding in the ladies room I do not know why," police rushed over to see the details, after the evacuation of unrelated people, the police knocked on the pit the door, but there is no sound came out. "Push it push does not open, outside overhaul did not say that there must be someone of." Police said, then shouted through the door panel, "What is difficult to come out and say, or we have to go broke."

In this case, the partition door was slowly opened, two young men and a woman shyly head down,tn pas cher, afraid to look in front of the police. "What are you doing there? How long to stay in there?" Asked the two men face is not always open, desperation police will ask them to duty room.

After repeated inquiries, the two men finally spoke. According to the police learned that the girl was a native of Hefei, Wuhan, Hubei and boys who love their own after the two sides met opposition from his family, so she took the boy girl ready "run away" when they may pick up When my luggage arrived Hefei Railway Station, the girl's parents have been caught over the two have in desperation toilets "refuge."

Are talking about the rooms, the girl's mother had heard the news arrived, the girls brought back. Does not "run away" success, the boy could only watch my girlfriend was home he quietly bought a ticket back to Wuhan. Police fear the boy take things too hard, always be sent on the train did not leave, and told the conductor to take care on the road. (Jianghuai Morning Gang) Tags: couple eloped female toilets Hefei Railway Station satyr Editor: Yang Yanhong

(Original title: "elope" couple to hide their parents hiding female toilets)