Southern News reporter Li Chunjiang a basketball friendly match, because of foul occurs court dispute, the result Wynn had learned another class of students to classes, convener siege hand ambush on the road, injuring three people. For two days before the occurrence in Panyu, senior technical school for industry and commerce (hereinafter referred to as technical schools) in this event from the brawl, police and the school said it would deal with someone who according to the law.

Anyone else who barbaric?

32:! 4 on the 25th at 5 pm, for the technical school basketball friendly match near the end, the score gap has been declared the outcome of the game. Leading 10 advertising design class players playing relaxed, two main is frequently made in the sound of cheering floral and other actions, the other 10 members of the class mold some anxiety, emerging with the mistakes.

10 advertising design class a team again tried to break through the flower, the other a member of its foul, then the two physical altercations, the referee's whistle sounded.

For this foul, both angry, two classes of students all around the front, pushing the action occurred. "Is the other side to make provocative action." 10 Die squad members said. The 10 players called advertising design classes other brutal foul.

Each side, on the sidelines of the two sides opened their teacher, a lull in the conflict, the game also will be discontinued.

Design a good ambush

"We are very well done, because we are supposed to win." For the suspension of the competition, 10 advertising design class students are not convinced. Soon after the game, they decided to night classes to 10 students packed meal mold. One of the boys recalled, for fear of shortage, also called more than 60 Xianzarenyuan, with the class of 30 students, "almost 100 people, in order to distinguish the enemy, we are unified to wear black clothes." 8 o'clock that night, "with a stick, pipe, in teaching the entrance floor waiting for the other class."

It is understood that, for the technical school is not a school closed, the former state-owned enterprises in the plant hire, school buildings and living quarters scattered in the factory, there are only two places of security, social workers can easily access.

At 21:00 on the 25th, the class bell rang, 10 die classmates leaving school building, outside the building of the road in the dim light was ambushed. "One out of it was a group of people wearing black clothes to play, to beat the crowd." One classmate recalled, he and his classmates will soon be broken up, the teacher has also been catching up. Soon, the 10 classes of 30 students mold was broken up, three students were injured lying on the ground. 5 minutes later, on the road to restore calm.

"The other side has a water pipe, knife, I head in, not daring to move." Yesterday, an injured student, pointing to the scars on the back, told reporters.

Three students suffered minor injuries

Yesterday, the two classes of someone neither class,hogan prezzi, three injured students to check for minor injury, does not matter.

Technical Director for Jiaoxueshengchu said Zou Ming ,, new events and school personnel do not participate, did not all black, for beating students give disciplinary action. Something more physical contact because of basketball, playing popular cause, "the teacher was there, in the middle also made several cool deal, have to resolve conflicts between the two sides, then pause the game."

Do police officers that night Zini said alarm handling, and can not wear black, said unity, the two sides due to conflicts caused by basketball. The case is still under investigation, according to the law for someone's students in accordance with regulations.

■ experts say

Technical school education should focus on morality and intelligence

Baiyun District, School of Psychology, director Zhang Ruidong psychology, said the incident was impulsive behavior typical of adolescent education due to lack of morality and intelligence led.

said technical school curriculum more care skills and knowledge, and less psychological and moral education. However, seventeen-year-old technical school students are generally, in the rebellious youth, if not well managed school, students suffer from psychological problems feisty, good face. Students fight because "we want to win" and produce aggressive behavior, it is reckless, mental immaturity.

Zhangrui Dong said the school must pay attention to morality and intelligence technology education for students at the same time have the mind but also the development of technology.