Conflict between the neighbors, a young woman being beaten in the corridor, have been their own monitoring probes shot down.

Recently, this video repeatedly appear on the network, the poster says "certain Bureau cadres wife daughter bullying" cause for concern.

Yesterday, the video batterer admit "impulse," adding that she and her husband are working class, there is no case of bullying.

Recently, in some online forums spate of "a certain cadre assaulted his wife and daughter 4 years old girl," "a certain Bureau cadres assaulted his wife and daughter sex" message, the incident in a cell near the Shenyang South Tower, the post also links to a video .

Only 34 seconds long video. In the video,moncler outlet online, an older, bespectacled woman wearing slippers and so on in the elevator door, the elevator door opened, a young woman with a little girl, hurried out of the elevator, pushing and older women with younger women fight 10 times or so. Most of the time, young women regard the back facing the fist, fist landed on young women's neck and shoulders. Period, young women do not fight back.

In young women, older women beaten during the elevator has come a female student, carrying a shoulder bag, she was the daughter of the older woman, and she pushed a young woman came up once, then pushed his mother. Young woman beaten side, while shaking his door open, with a little girl fled into the house.

Post alleges that his wife was beaten and daughter, is certain Bureau beating his wife and daughter, posting to the Internet is to cause concern.

At noon yesterday, the reporter saw batters Ying (Respondents should require the use of a pseudonym), said Wang Ying, beating their own neighbors, the two-door, because a few things, the neighborhood was not very good at. December 17, 2010 the day, met in the elevator of her batterer, the batterer daughter abuse themselves, the two sides quarrel, the mother called her batterer, beating his own meal, own four year old daughter be affected. After the report has not been concluded, because the batterer husband is a bureau of the cadres, she worried about experiencing unfair treatment, so send a message, hoping to attract attention of users.

Wang Ying said, because his home had been blocked keyhole, so monitoring probes installed at the door, herself and her daughter was beaten, were shot down by the door of the monitoring probes, and his own shoulders and neck with multiple injuries, daughter legs kicked green.

Last night, the reporter saw the woman in the video beating Cheng Lin (Respondents should require the use of a pseudonym) and her husband. Cheng Lin said, the door did and their own home there is a contradiction, conflict of December 17, 2010, because the other side to beat his daughter in the elevator, the video has her glasses down to pick up the action. At the time, her daughter in the elevator shouting "help", his momentary impulse, just go out and play each other.

Cheng Lin said, was really impulsive, although her husband works in a certain office, but the couple are working class, not the existence of bullying thing, these days she has been looking for ways and opportunities in the hope of reconciliation, and the other party. In addition, police are investigating, but have not yet closed.

Reporter Zhao Yongping