Changsha News newspaper, a district near the camphor Road has two neighbors, open mahjong Lee and opened a small grocery store in a small South Kuo. Usually two good relationship like family, two years ago, Guo Jiasheng a little boy stuff (a pseudonym), a small Li also specifically went to the hospital to visit. But such a good relationship because of an accident to an abrupt end last year.

November 2010 the day at noon, Guo and his wife had just eaten lunch, an inattentive, stuff slipped out alone to a small stumble Lee "guesthouse." Li Dongdong small back door, string to the latter part of the facade of plastic across the kitchen. At this point just business, both in front of the busy little Lee.

Wandering around, the stuff in a closet for a thermos from the interest. Lee's very much a small thermos, convenient place to take the bottle, not the door is placed in the bottom of the closet, just enough to get the stuff.

Nobody around, I do not know how the stuff was scalded. And other two people came to hear the cries, the stuff is too hot red pants, next to a thermos backwards.

Baby son was hot like this, Guo fire "bass" and look up, "how do you engage in, my son in your home is to be so hot, your family are doing, how can such a dangerous place thermos the place! "

Mike had was pretty poor stuff, ready to help send their children to the hospital,piumini woolrich, listening to the words of Guo, Li gas is not one to fight, "Your son went to my house and knocked thermos, Blame you do not optimistic ! "

Stuff was sent to hospital for treatment, spent ten thousand dollars, hospitalized 28 days, during which Lee did not go to visit too small, which makes small Kuo more angry. Stuff a discharge, small Guo Li gave the small court. To this end, the small Li hired a lawyer, he took a small Guo lawyer, but his son's injuries require a judicial appraisal, it is so frustrating for several months.

Recently, Yuhua District Court hearing the case.

Court, small Kuo admit this matter have the responsibility, but they can not figure out is that the child was hospitalized in the small Li, Li Jingmei to read once, how are justified, and therefore require a small compensation for Lee stuff eighteen thousand yuan for medical expenses.

"I put the fruit to your house, chopping stuff grandfather cried to me, and how I would be willing to go?" Alan excited.

"My children live in the hospital, you buy something lost in my house and left, this, too, have seen it?" Guo confrontation.

Mike nothing to say, two pairs treat enemies.

Finally, under the mediation of the judge, the two agreed to court mediation. The judge held that Guo as guardian, the child is only a year old accident Shihai, so Guo should bear the main responsibility. As a neighbor of Mike, did not directly at fault. Taking into account the plaintiff stuff is weak, under the mediation of the judge, Mike agreed to a 6000 yuan, and the rest from small Kuo medical expenses themselves.

Signed a mediation agreement, Guo wife shed tears, "I know I have to bear the main responsibility, but I can not stand the other side say that they do not have that responsibility."

Mike stayed hallway: "After the incident, we no longer had a chat, and then we have nothing more to say."

For this case, the judge said the neighborhood's most important is mutual respect, if empathy, Guo admitted his negligence, Mike also proactively comfort stuff, you will not be referred to the situation so stiff. Reporter correspondent Ren Wen Jing Yu Jing