"Although this old man was stubborn, but also to accompany me through a lifetime, I am willing to give him another chance." Recently, the longevity of the court Gulen divorce court together successfully resolved the dispute, a 60-year-old married couple, in experienced three after divorce proceedings, under the mediation of the court reconciled.

Granny three times the wife to court

Li Min and his wife Liu ming shun old lady (a pseudonym) in 1952, registration of marriage, there have now been married six children. Liu ming shun naturally irascible, some machismo, Min is gentle. Although they often quarrel for some household chores, and sometimes even fight, but "The Tempest" and soon after reproduce the "rainbow." Noisy, old couple have gone through 60 years.

By the end of 2010, Laotai heavy cold bedridden, Liu ming shun but ignored. Min chilling, and hold for decades lavished all grievances and anger of his wife, the two sides continue to intensify contradictions.

2011 Min wife unbearable abuse, go to court for a divorce, but she could not provide proof of marriage was rejected by the court. May 10 the same year, Li Min again go to court to get a divorce, because they can not provide definitive evidence of emotional breakdown, the court again rejected.

After the two sides has not improved feelings. February 27, 2012, Li Min to couples completely broken ground, and the third will be his wife to court.

Court, Min said his wife does not care for her, often opposite to their own fist, couples completely broken, asked for a divorce. Liu ming shun has said the couple feeling good, do not agree to a divorce.

Judge advised and, two,moncler outlet, and good

When the judge read the dossier was found, the two have been married for 60 years, are among the most precious "diamond wedding" determination to foster an old married couple reconciled.

In communication with the judge to see Min, we found the old lady on his wife as well as feelings, he advised:? "The elderly, have not seen you do a TV series called" golden "Before CCTV hit, and Jiang Wenli Zhang Guoli . speech, "Min said:" read "the judge continued to persuade:." "golden" just tell the two were married for 50 years, you two have been married for 60 years, part of the 'diamond wedding', more valuable, and if in accordance with the foreign customs, have held a grand celebration, please relatives and friends to celebrate, take Naore something. "

"Leave pretty good myself! Celebrated wisdom." Min-lipped loose.

After mediation, Liu ming shun written guarantees: the commitment to do after a good husband, a good way to spend their twilight years, and Min. Min Liu ming shun also agreed to give a chance to the court immediately withdraw the prosecution.

Chongqing Morning News reporters Feng Jing and Tong Xunyuan Chen Yao Ya-ning

(Original title: colds caused by three proceedings persuade judges and diamond marriage)