(Reporter Xu industry segment) yesterday around 18:00, Nanping Wanda Plaza residential area within a noisy, siren Shengjiao incessantly. The original 21-floor tenants were five robbers, thanks to neighbor discovery in a timely manner, the alarm scared off the robbers.

"I rob someone downstairs."

It is 18 o'clock yesterday had appeared on the horizon forum a post, the poster claiming to be the owner of Nanping Wanda Plaza,woolrich uomo, post content that is on the site of the reduction:

"I just was sitting at home watching TV and suddenly heard a burst of cries downstairs, went to the balcony and saw a lot of people gathered downstairs, across the floor of the balcony stood a lot of people thought it was what it was something to fall , or is someone jumped out of curiosity to see downstairs, turned out to be two dozen building owner was kidnapped, and other police and firefighters, the robbers had earlier run, except the owner was kidnapped and robbed, and no injuries, it is really the midst of sadness. "

Being burglary in broad daylight? This in the end is how the same thing?

To rent in the name burglary

19:00 yesterday, we came to the trouble spot. "I also just heard, the area inside dare robbery, too bold." Zhang said resident was noisy in the cell, the police and the fire brigade rushed to the scene, will soon be up around the whole building.

Finally confirmed that 21 households were building a burglary, the police are being deployed to save people.

Residents say robbed the household is a young husband and wife, when they heard someone knock on the door, open the door, I saw a five young, the other said he was to rent an apartment, and wanted to see the house.

Before this couple could react, the five individuals forcibly entered the house and tied up the couple. Taking advantage of the home when the robbers rummaging, tied the men who hobbled to jump to the sun sets, hoping for help succeed, unfortunately, 21 floor too high, no one can hear.

Neighbors across the floor of the men who saw the tied

"But good luck, they were seen across the floor of the residents." Residents say it is because of the men who tied jumped in front of the balcony, so just let across the floor neighbor found tied the man of the house, So they dialed 110.

Yesterday, 19:00, we rushed to the incident area. Divided into several courtyards within the district, the incident courtyard only three buildings, just in the middle of the courtyard. We note that it is about 100 meters and the building opposite pitch-lit situations, it is easy to see things happening across the room.

"The key is in the downtown area, traffic, property management and sometimes little attention to put some strangers came in." We knocked on the door of a neighbor who was robbed, they have heard of this thing. " expect to happen to the next, it is cold sweats, too scary. "

Police have ran upstairs robbers

Although the police were quickly deployed, but unfortunately when police rushed up the stairs, the robbers had fled. We note that each floor building has three elevators, but only one exit, perhaps as early as before the police arrived the robbers had left the scene.

8:00 last night, in the robbery of the room, a lot of police and property management waited at the house, which is under investigation from the robbery, but the owners were sent Nanping looted the police station with the investigation.