A pair claimed to be the "Nanjing tourists" Mr Li to help men and women in the street, Lee 1160 yuan subsidy to the other side, the other side of the phone but could not get through. Yesterday, in the four days in a row dialed calls are not the result of the case, Mr. Lee to the newspaper reflect this, I hope you take this as a warning, do not like when lightly on.

Couples with children begged hailed "Go"

At 17 o'clock on December 3, Lee drove to East Lake Bo Quannong field work, the way a man and a woman with a child standing on the roadside waved to him, Lee stopped the car and asked them what happened.

Lee said: "That woman is very anxious, saying they are from Nanjing to Wuhan tourism spent his money, the car has no oil, and probably will not go back to Nanjing." Lee saw the tourists drive a worth $ 300,000 Volkswagen Touareg SUV, and the two men are very polite, happened in front of a few hundred meters there is a gas station, Lee will readily agreed to this on the "Nanjing tourists" for them to fill the tank .

I pray to fill up hundreds of tolls

After refueling, Mr. Lee for them to pay 460 yuan in fuel costs, female tourists thanks to Lee repeatedly, when former female tourists ready to get on the bus, and returned to Lee's car, saying she needed 400 yuan back to Nanjing tolls, hope Lee can help busy.

Lee figured the next, go to Nanjing tolls but 300 dollars, but he was afraid of the other money to eat on the way, actually readily took out 500 dollars, handed the past. Lee readily see the woman, and put the child in the car said something to eat, and then ask Mr. Lee to "borrow" 200 yuan to them.

Lee slightly unhappy, ready to refuse, immediately after becoming aware of the woman, said:. "I do not push your luck on the outside do encounter difficulties" at the same time, she also came Lee's phone, used his cell phone to dial in the past, saying back to Nanjing to contact Lee. Thought to help people to help in the end, Lee finally took another 200 yuan to her, gave them a total of 1160 yuan.

And this "couple" separate half-hour later, Lee received the other party sent a "sincere" message, Lee said the solution to their urgent needs, and if Lee went to Nanjing certainly invite him to tea, in two days The loan will double your money back.

I discovered that the other side has been shut down deceived

However, several days later, Lee repeatedly call the other party to leave the phone, but has been unable to get through.

Lee is a small business, usually by people to help a lot, he is also very willing to help others. He said, "This is to help others did not want to return, away from home who do not have a difficulty? Was anxious to see her look, did not think, did not even remember the license plate number."

Reporters are given according to Lee dial phone numbers in the past, it really is off. Although this experience has taught Lee was injured,moncler outlet, but he said the future will continue to do good things, but will be more careful, he also reminded readers, when encountered similar help, be sure to multiple eye.

The best roadside assistance to help meet their alarm

Yesterday, the reporter consulted the police happened to Lee, the police said that such fraud can be described as a wide variety of high speed for help, if you search on the Internet can find a lot of similar cases. Citizens in the face of this situation, the best way is to help them report to the police, by police to identify each other's identity.

Subsequently, the reporter online search for "high-speed assistance fraud," Mr. Lee found a similar encounter many similar cases all over the country, more than a hundred media had reported a similar trick.

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