Sun Lin has millions Chouqi basic compensation, as long as the account will be able to get a hit on the court Understanding

Sun Weiming Chengdu's first case, yesterday finally made significant progress - in nearly sixty years, Father Sun Sun Lin days of back and forth, the basic place to raise one million yuan compensation. Yesterday, the three families of the victims signed a joint Source: Dragon TV "Look East" under the letter of understanding, request the Court to consider when sentencing discretion.

Understanding jointly signed by the victim's family

Yesterday, the case of the three families of the victims notified Jinjiang District Court civil mediation charge of the case, saying the two sides had negotiated one million yuan compensation, Sun Lin has been basically completed raising.

The day before yesterday, Sun Weiming Chengdu houses have procedures for transfer, mortgage bank after finishing the formalities to be the buyer, the housing fund will be able to fulfill. By then, one million yuan to be fully in place.

Court proposed that the families of the victims can be issued as soon as possible letter of understanding, so that you can be paid back the principal immediately credited to three relatives.

After Han Sang Jin and Zhang Zhiyu, gold Aerospace discuss, agree to immediately issue a letter of understanding. Yesterday afternoon, three people arrived in Chengdu Yun law firm, jointly signed a letter of understanding.

Understanding wrote: "After the verdicts, the father of Sun Weiming Sun Lin Sun Weiming many consultations on behalf of civil compensation issues with us and expressed their willingness to do their utmost to make payment through understanding, we know that the driver Sun Weiming household economy is also very difficult. and his father, Sun Lin has passed the sale of real estate and loan to others etc. cobble together we stand for a minimum amount of compensation one million yuan (including insurance claims payments, etc.) whole, as families of the victims, we have to be understanding of the Sun Weiming, request When Sun Weiming sentencing to be considered for this expensive homes. "

"Sun Lin is also a victim, let's all in the past."

Previously, Zhang Zhiyu and gold Aerospace has pledged to issue a letter of understanding will get compensation. Why will not get compensation in advance to sign letters of understanding? Kim Aerospace, said he considered for a long time, I feel Sun Lin is also the victim, to his son so forth is not easy. Now the court mediation, guaranteed to get reparations, signed letters of understanding, let's all in the past now.

It is understood that the e-book has been submitted understanding Jinjiang District Court. Sun Lin wait to get back the principal, will hit the 1 million yuan compensation court all accounts, it is possible to get to this letter of understanding life and death decisions son.

Sun Lin two hospitals willing to free medical treatment

The time to know the news, Sun Lin is back to Chongqing train - due to detect bladder cancer, head and barely finishing his son housing transfer procedures would have arrived at a railway station, ready to return to Chongqing surgery.

Sun Lin knew from the mouth of the victim has been reporter wrote the book understanding. He was silent for a long time, and even said a few times, "to thank them, thank them!" Sun Lin said excitedly, did not think the families of the victims will advance to write letters of understanding that he finally did a month of efforts in vain.

15:30 yesterday, Sun Lin on the next train. Available until 5:00, he was still on the bus to go home - although he occasionally let bladder cancer pain, he still insisted on the transfer bus all the way back to Shapingba home. He said he owed a well-intentioned people too much, I do not know how to return. Future life must be frugal, the conditions can be a good thing if one day, I hope it can help others.

After disease news, Chongqing Union Medical College Hospital and reproductive health hospitals to contact the newspaper, said Sun Lin's father was touched willing to provide full free treatment for him. Today, Sun Lin will meet with the hospital, choose a hospital for treatment. Reporter Zhang leaf

Good nature heal wounds

Yang Guang Zhi

A father raising millions for children to find a way out of pathos efforts deeply touched the hearts of countless readers, including the families of the deceased victims, but also visibly moved. It should be said that this is a deep innate goodness of people's hearts at work.

Sun Lin as an ailing old man, at home, there is no money left, Sun Weiming promising future as a white-collar workers, who are still young, but also a lot of money money,piumini moncler, a family in which one million by raising money to find a ray of hope, for the sake of peace of mind during knowing the fate of the helpless and fighting are impossible physically and mentally exhausted, enough touched heaven.

Dead are gone, the living grief, and hurt not continue, the intention of the law, Germany, the trend, the ultimate goal is to perform good deeds. Where the law, the money may not buy life, but in the moral there, good is our biggest social harmony adhesive. We can not afford to dream of the law as the moral conscience of transferring the principle, but a collision between a good soul, will leave for our treatment of pain, eliminate the precious value and significance of hatred.