Information Times (reporter Li Zhaotao trainee reporter Wei emblem) in 1999, the Guangdong International Trust and Investment Bankruptcy As China's first case of non-bank financial institutions have been shocked at home and abroad bankruptcy, thus pull a series of corruption cases have settled. Yesterday morning, the former deputy head of the Guangdong International Trust and Investment liquidation Yang Qingshan bribery 2.47 million sitting on the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of the dock, accused of using his position to facilitate its large fishing auction to the commission, the use of authority arrange project to introduce bidders , surprising is that he not only quit the alleged proceeds of more than 700,000, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice was also the positive level cadres, former Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Law Society, and editor of a publishing house, a lawyer ......

Surrender the initiative to the prosecutor

Yang Qingshan, born in 1943, Anshan, Liaoning Province. It has been in the army for 25 years, until 1998 and served as editor of a publishing house, as well as the provincial Justice Department level cadres, former Secretary-General of the Guangdong Provincial Law. 1998, which affected the country's second largest trust company appointed to the Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation (hereinafter referred to as GITICS) deputy director of liquidation. In 2003, Yang Qingshan retirement age of 60, after being rehired GITICS continue as deputy director of the liquidation, and retain a lawyer identity.

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Procuratorate charged that from 1998 to 2008, GITICS bankruptcy final victory last decade, during which Yang Qingshan repeatedly received three qualified person in charge of the auction house commission, after a total of 2.47 million yuan, the use of his position as bankruptcy liquidation deputy director of his office, arrange for bribery auction auction items and introduce qualified bidders. December 24, 2008, Yang Qingshan initiative to Guangzhou Haizhu District People's Procuratorate to surrender.

In this regard, the prosecutor read out in court testimony relevant. An auction of a Pingmou testimony confirmed that during 2002 to 2008, it had requested Yang Qingshan care and commitment to the success of the auction commission. Then the bank really assigned to the auction items during Yang Qingshan also introduces several qualified bidders, the project eventually sold at a higher price of success. Then drove to four times its liquidation group office downstairs give money to Yang Qingshan, totaling 700,000 yuan; a person in charge of the auction, Guangdong Province, Guangdong Jing Zhang and Zhu have a testimony confirmed the auction house, and served as deputy head Yang Qingshan responsible for clearing the project a good relationship, has repeatedly sent envelopes at dinner.

Yang Qingshan in court, said: "They always show me a black bag filled with denominations are one hundred yuan, a turn of ten thousand yuan."

Alleged ill-gotten gains 3,170,000 2,470,000

December 24, 2008, Yang Qingshan gave himself up to the Haizhu District Procuratorate, and the ill-gotten 3.17 million, in addition to his admission prosecutors alleged bribes 2.47 million, his fourth auction also accepting bribes in charge of more than 70 million people, But this single Procuratorate bribery facts can not be verified, then no part of the prosecution, accused Yang Qingshan only the amount of 2.47 million yuan bribes. It is reported that the case has been concluded and will choose a sentencing date.

Excuse: Referrals received only an intermediary costs

Yesterday the trial, Yang Qingshan admitted accepting money auction house responsible for the facts,scarpe hogan offerte, but denied that money to help after the auction to get auction items. Yang Qingshan think they do not have decision-making power, "Although I am a deputy head, but is only responsible for the daily work of the liquidation group; before my arrival, all auction houses have long been selected by the court, as to how the project assigned to auction the auction house, etc. question, I did not decision-making power, the liquidation group have never had a meeting to discuss the auction items. In fact, the actual operator of the liquidation transactions is an accounting firm, equivalent to 'liquidate official' internationally, all auction items and other specific issues are made 'liquidation officer' to decision-making by, and finally I got the official seal here. "

Why people will send money for him, Yang Qingshan said, "because the previous work experience have the ability to know a lot of people, including a lot of people know that I was deputy director of the liquidation, to take the initiative to ask questions related to liquidation of the project, For example, an auction why these specific requirements, and then I will be introduced to the auction bidders, the auction was giving me their success. "

"I always think it's just an agency fee." Gray-haired Yang Qingshan already trembling at the court said.

Focus: Leader liquidation whether national staff

And yesterday, the focus of the trial is whether Yang Qingshan national staff, which directly determines the Yang guilty or not.

Defense counsel that, under current law provisions on national staff, is intended to include all levels of authority in the country, at all levels of the executive, the judiciary at all levels, state-owned companies, enterprises, institutions, people's organizations engaged in official business, and national authorities, state-owned companies, enterprises, and institutions engaged in official delegate. However, the law qualitative liquidation group is not clear, the liquidation group has not been classified into any of the above organizations.

Therefore, only the Criminal Code a "fallback provision", or "other lawfully engaged in official also belong to the national staff" clause allows Yang Qingshan incrimination.

Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation bankruptcy

After 90 years, the Guangdong International Trust and Investment Corporation intemperate inside and outside, inside and outside, and more than 500 domestic and foreign loans to debtor province nearly 13 billion yuan, and no scrutiny of the debtor's credit and solvency, resulting in serious debt payment crisis . October 6, 1998 People's Bank of China decided to close the company and set up a liquidation group to conduct the administrative closure of liquidation, for a period of three months. January 1999 GITICS and three other companies were filed bankruptcy filing. Guangdong High Court and Guangzhou, Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court were both legally admissible, then the incident caused great concern at home and abroad, known as "widely believed incident", the legal profession has also been called the "century of major."

GITICS system in recent years, officials sacked

● former general manager of the Guangdong International Trust and Investment Huang Yantian, because the crime of illegal deposits from the public and state-owned companies dereliction of duty crime, in June 2004 by the Guangzhou Municipal Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced to 14 years. After the sentence, not appeal.

● GZITIC former chairman, general manager and party secretary Xu Zhi, because constitute bribery, dereliction of duty, was sentenced in April 2005 in Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced to 5 years.

● GZITIC former deputy general manager Zhong Qiang, embezzlement and bribery, June 3, 2005, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance sentenced to 19 years.

● former capital of Shenzhen International Trust and Investment Finance Manager, Assistant General Manager and Chief Accountant Chen Wei (female), because constitute bribery, embezzlement, was sentenced in May 2003, Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court to 10 years imprisonment.

● 2005 10 28, the former chairman of the Guangzhou Development Zone SDIC original Chen Chu, financial documents, found guilty of the crime of fraud, favoritism cheap converted into shares, the sale of state-owned assets crime, crime of owned assets, was sentenced to the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court of First Instance 20 years.

"I have lived for 25 years in the army, who is also a legal worker, because I neglected to learn the correct values, come now Wanjiebubao are caused by weak-willed myself, I train party organizations unworthy, unworthy family, hope that the court sentenced penalties.

- Yang Qingshan repentance submissions

I know Haizhu District Procuratorate is the 'Top Ten' s Procuratorate, so he chose to get there from the first, to confess his crimes.

- Yang Qingshan "