Ge Changjiang deeds story

City Evening News March 6, 2012, the streets of snow in Changchun, many people in tears, bid farewell to the his dear old party members,basket air jordan pas cher, cadres, disabled revolutionary servicemen Ge Changjiang old. Early in the morning, despite the cold and people from all over gathered in Ge home, the neighbors, the surrounding masses, cadres, troops, school teachers and students ...... after thousands of people in front of the home of the GE Building, roads, carrying banners wearing white farewell this adorable amiable man. Interest Park, a dozen kilometers from the FAW staff quarters on the way to bid farewell to Changchun, people spontaneously stood in the streets, and the elderly do the final farewell.

Student scavengers

Nearly 10 years of 12 million yuan donation

Ge Changjiang, a common name, but carries numerous admiration and respect; Ge Changjiang, an oldest old, leaving not leave the party, conscious of the party and the government to solve problems, take concrete actions to demonstrate the advanced nature of the communist party and eternal hold fast.

This man did what so many people cry for him Li Xue, parting? In a nutshell, this life Ge Changjiang old children do three things: one is the "big thing", one is "sort of thing," a "little thing." "Big thing" - across battlefields, veteran, Li repeated military exploits; "sort of thing" - hard-working, dedicated, outstanding performance; "little thing" - pick up waste, distress the poor, donate funding school. Then head pinned to the waistband, fire and water, feats, and other big thing that is not actually know the people; transferred to civilian work, doing a kind of mold, bang, become advanced workers, this "sort of thing children "did not generate much response; Later, after the elderly retired children scavenging for cash subsidy hardship, poor students, this" little thing "has aroused widespread concern and strong reaction. Because this "little thing", the old man was named the National Advanced retired cadres, the next generation of advanced workers nationwide concern, Jilin outstanding party members, moved Jilin charitable character ......

"Incident" caused quite a stir, "small thing" touched millions of people. The past 10 years, more than 20,000 kilograms of waste pick up the elderly, more than 70,000 bottles a donation of 12 million yuan. He used the money to help the four hardship, 16 poor students.


Participated in a hundred times the size of the fight

In June 1923, was born in Huangxian Ge Changjiang (now Longkou City), Shandong Province, Shi Liang Ge Ka sets a poor family households. His mother then always remember the words:. ". Never forget that he is a better life for the poor in the future, but do not forget the poor." At age 20, height meter eighty enrolled in more than a dozen of the village militias . Then comes the stage of strategic offensive war against Japan, Ge Changjiang is the militia in the main, in addition to stand sentry, he also volunteered to assume the task of a play with - Chenzheyese stronghold near or touch the Devils Devils will have to go through to Road buried mines. Sino-Japanese War in extremely tough, good tough fight Jiaodong Ge Changjiang follow the Eighth Route Army has liberated Huangxian, roughness, Qingdao. The liberation war, he was with the army north, in Portland Ieguchi sailing over the sea to the Liaoning Zhuanghe, then moved to Anton, Dagushan. At this point, his unit was adapted for the Northeast Democratic coalition fourth column. This force was later named the Central Military Commission "heroic troops"; Ge Changjiang also promoted by one step reconnaissance scout squad, reconnaissance platoon, reconnaissance instructor. In 1949, he was with the army of the south, north Benzhu chase, battle-hardened. Tianjin Campaign in honor wounded. From the Anti-Japanese War to the War of Liberation, participated in the battle one hundred times the size of Ge Changjiang, standing second class twice, by the recognition of numerous orders.

"Concerned me, love me, help my grandfather GE, your selfless assistance, so I can be like the other students, like sitting in a classroom to learn in peace, health and happiness to grow." Ge Changjiang Xu Zhiyuan student funding difficulties seem to have GE grandfather back and happy times together. "Ge home from my booth close, sometimes we go home for dinner, go out and do a hurry, Miaodao Greenspan's shadow children would call him to help look Taner, while Greenspan this enthusiastic people from unambiguous, call. "Ge Changjiang neighborhood fruit stall while Greenspan's memories alive, while his hand to wipe the tears in the eyes heart.

Servant of the people

Always keep in mind that they are public family

Ge Changjiang always forget their identity public servant, he often said that he is "public family" is male family members have for the party and the government "validity" for the people drowned their sorrows.

According to reports, the street belongs to a shortage of housing for employees, some four generations of a dozen people crowded in dilapidated buildings yard bias. Ge Changjiang table of the state: in any case, we should also build up the hostel! In those days, after work, he went straight to the site changed into rags. Project completed ahead of schedule, and quality of clearance. Who met say, secretary to the facts we do a big piece child!

We looked at the completion of the dormitory, was indescribably happy. Ge Changjiang one minute everyone a new house. Before Ge Changjiang a seven have been squeezed in over fifty square meters of houses, narrow space, put a bed, cabinet cabinet boxes have no place to put. Just family stuff packed, ready to move when assigned to a military cadres on the streets, is also a good few mouthfuls, Ge Shuji said nothing to give the family a new house.

busy in dormitories built when his son Xiaochun injured while playing in one ear is infected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Changchun hospital said can cure, but can not guarantee does not leave sequelae. His wife so he quickly put children to Beijing to take a look at the baby. Ge Changjiang says can not pull himself or in Changchun cure it. As a result, the child's illness delayed, leaving its mark. A colleague Lao Dajie puzzled and said: "The public family, you play with; the family thing, you see the future regardless of the son is not supposed to keep you always.!" open mind but said: "I first family is well, then is the family. I can not put that thing put down to the busy stalls own thing, right? holding salary does not contribute, I'm sorry the party and the country, but also sorry conscience. "

The children have been admired father. "Memory, the father of the family tube things get a little less, for him, the work is the first Chinese New Year family reunion is always missing father figure; The annual New Year's Eve night, my father always on the job say this through. While father and our time together is not long, but his father's every word we have in mind, he will always be our pride! " daughter think back to his father's teachings.

(Reporter Song Baohua / report)