BEIJING, June 22, according to Taiwan's "China Times" reported that Taiwan workers Chenqi Rong after drug intoxication, still driving down the road, riding a motorcycle through a red light and hit Master , causing yellow brain traumas, limb weakness limp sequelae . Civil part, Taichung District Court concluded, sentenced Chen male compensate more than 17.44 million yuan (NT below).

Huangjing Kai evening of 21 parents informed verdict, painfully said Panpei more money will not lead back his son's health, parenting son is priceless. Huang mother recently banned resolutely felt like drunk driving, do not just call on the Taiwan authorities to catch drunk driving, drug equally serious harm to society, I hope not to someone for drug victims.

Two years ago at 3:00 on March 27 and more, K within the motel after his life taking drugs, confusion still driving desire to return home, passing Taichung Xiyuan Road intersection when the lucky star, a red light and hit Rider Car female friends The master's program graduate Huangjing Kai. Yellow and female friends are lying on the ground, yellow head was hit, multiple fractures, were seriously injured.

after treatment, due to brain damage, limb weakness, difficulty swallowing, loss of memory and other parts of the aftermath, unable to school,tn femme, can not be employed, life can not take care of themselves, need someone full-time care. Families of male civil damages to Chen, the requirements for medical expenses, nursing expenses, loss of the ability to work with solatium total of more than 20.07 million yuan.

Taichung District Court trial discretion, Huang graduated from college, the incident occurred just admitted to the Institute, Chen junior high school, now the workers, under the name of no property, subtract part of solatium, concluded sentenced Chen men must pay more than 17.44 million yuan to yellow male.

Huangjing Kai father original continent as Hon Hai Group Foxconn manager duties, handle without pay earlier this year, to share the heavy burden of his wife to take care of his son; every month to pay the huge rehabilitation and other medical expenses, but only the second daughter of work, there is a pair of twins in high school, He faces consider whether reinstatement. Faced with the problem of long-term care, parents still worry about the future and no one can take over.

Huang Lin Jiazi mother, said the couple had three women and two men sterile, Jingkai ranked third, the eldest daughter last year, but also because it interrupts doctoral studies from the indignity, originally admitted Huangjing Kai Feng Chia Department of Automatic Control Master Class, the family happy for him, dragged down by a car accident family; she has been estimated that accident, medical costs at least 300 yuan, the defendant had failed to sincerely apologize.

Although Judge Panpei thousand million, Huangjing Kai difficult to say "how enough?" Huang any action must be someone on hand to arm, to help take care of the end of hiring a nurse, a little progress, but memory loss, and even tea, eating will choke that the future is still a difficult road.

(Original title: Taiwan's "worm" hit paralysis graduate Panpei 17440000)