BEIJING, Feb. 21 Ningde Power (Zeng Ming leafy) during 90 KTV entertainment with friends, because a friend was bitten tongue kiss waitress, then build unprovoked assault people, and KTV were thwarted. Ningde City, Fujian Province in the hospital on the 21st revealed maintain Zherong court verdict, to disturb the crime and sentenced to imprisonment for one year practicing Jeong four months, and make a final ruling on the case.

Court found that: March 24, 2012, 90 men Jeong practice and Zhang, Zheng Mouming (already sentenced) and others in Zherong during a concert by singing, Zhang kiss club service personnel because Hwang When the tongue was bitten and slapped Hwang, Hwang fled.

Subsequently, Zhang and other people in the club looking for Hwang, unprovoked assault YuanMou with bottles, fire extinguishers and other items. Yuan Mou Wu, three friends who rushed forward and tried to mediate, has been practicing Jeong et al beaten. Meanwhile, Jeong, who also practiced clubs belongings were thwarted.

Identified, Wu Department of minor injuries, and the remaining three victims were all minor injury; concerts property damage worth 5206 yuan.

Also found Jeong practice March 20,nike tn requin pas cher, 2013, found guilty of affray and sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, October 6, 2013 released from prison, the same day that the case was due to Zherong police criminal detention.

Court that Jeong practice together with others they beat the others, causing a minor injuries, three people Sometimes, vile; any damage to property of others, causing losses of 5206 yuan, the circumstances are serious, his behavior constituted the crime of affray. Given Jeong practicing justice after a good attitude, and the role in the crime is relatively small, to be given a lighter punishment Jeong practice. Accordingly, the court made the referee. (End)

(Original title: Kiss waiter bite unprovoked assault to hate people and smashed the club)