Money do weddings old profession groom pry large sums of money stolen car

Information Times (Reporter correspondent Dr Fleming sound Zhuze Hui) 43-year-old groom planned New Year's Day wedding reception in 2011, but due to lack of money stem from the "old" midnight car smashed glass and stole more than 10 others yuan of money. Currently, the bridegroom Shantou police have been arrested, a great wedding became empty.

December 8 7 o'clock in the morning, Shantou Public Security Bureau police station received a public mausoleum Hai Chen reported: its automotive glass smashed, the car of 10 million yuan and mobile phones, documents and other belongings stolen. Two days later, police in a mobile phone shop Chaoshan Road and arrested the suspect ,nike tn pas cher, Yao was the scene seized Dopod P860, more than the Nokia 2700 mobile phone and other stolen goods.

Upon review, Yao Dopod P860 only accountable to a phone line called "Wei" the man purchased. After verification, this phone is the victim Chen stolen phone. Police later identify "Wei" called Liumou Wei, a major crime suspects. At 1:00 on the 12th of this month and more, the police arrested Liu Mouwei, tools of crime scene and seized a white women's motorcycle, the car is also equipped with a stack of wedding invitation.

According account, which the 8th North Street on the 3rd level sneaked smashed the victim Chen auto glass, car theft after sneaked over 106,000 yuan in cash, a cell phone Dopod P860, Chunghwa 4 and Hennessy XO 2 bottles of wine property. He said that since before the 2010 Chinese New Year to date, due to no proper job, plus organizing marriage, under the dowry, wedding etc. put needed money, the money, they take the same measure total level of crime 6 East First Street in the vicinity, and will be one of two mobile phones sold to Yao before.

According to police, the suspect has repeatedly commit crimes, has the means to implement three times for the same sentence for theft. The woman was released from prison after A red acquainted with, had intended to two people grow old, I did not realize his spots, he will be a long wait for the classroom of life.