Find a friend to borrow money is not a knife threat

This actually caused by other disease scare, "scare" lives


Party on suspicion of affray Jingfangxingju

Daimou and Master Wang (not his real name) grew up together in the small partner. Some time ago, Daimou hand a little nervous, Mr. Wang went to borrow money.

"Last borrowed money has not yet, borrow again?" I heard again borrow money, the king's father, the old master unhappy: "! Loaned" So the two had an argument, his sword Daimou threats, Jinu Wang Dabo below, blood pressure soared, causing myocardial infarction, emergency hospital, emergency a few days, antidote. Hear the wind Daimou escape.

□ correspondent Zhou Defeng reporters Shang Shuli

Junior partner "misdeeds" stained

Daimou and Master Wang grew up in the same village, two are next-door neighbor, Mr. Wang is one year younger than Daimou, school, two grades higher than Daimou Wang, the two have been like brothers, often Together school to school together, there are difficult and take care of each other.

Growing up, the king master open truck,hogan donne 2013, taxi, and later to start a business, and slowly the days were well-off.

Fifty-six years ago, the village relocation, the two lived in the same neighborhood, relations have been better. Before having a difficult time Daimou borrowed money to Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang also let Daimou too busy to help. But Daimou has not steady work, scares assault, intentional damage to property of others, gambling and other illegal activities were repeatedly punished the public security organs. Especially after contracting gambling habit, it is to make ends meet, and his wife divorced.

August or September of this year, Daimou Master Wang had to borrow 28,000 yuan, but it has not yet. Recently, hand tight Daimou borrow money again to find the king master.

Knife borrow "scary" people

At 20:00 on November 26 and more, Daimou in Linping "encounter" Master Wang. Daimou seem to see the "savior", took Wang said, a little tight on hand recently, want to borrow money.

"I have no money, borrow money, then to my family agreed." Wang said. Seeing Master Wang politely declined, Daimou reconciled, took the king master pulling the car, go home Master Wang representations.

The Yuhang Economic Development Master Wang home, Daimou scored a cloth bags from the car, along with Master Wang home. After the door, Mr. Wang's father, mother and wife Wang at home, we see Daimou come, though not welcome, but still good bubble tea.

Mr. Wang's father Wang Dabo also handed a cigarette, exhort Daimou said:. "I watched you grow up, you borrow money is not enough." Then, Uncle Wang also to the tone of the elders said something Daimou words of exhortation.

Originally Daimou feel sad day, asking them to help. Not only did not get help, against being taught. Insists that it is a matter between him and the king master, and Wang Dabo okay. Both you made me a language, had an argument, well done Daimou pulled out a machete from the carry bag, and as if to cut Wang Dabo.

Master Wang promptly stopped Daimou two couples, and grabbed the knife. But Wang Dabo sharp rise in blood pressure, seizures up, king master hurried to his father to the hospital. But the disease was in a hurry, December 10, Wang Dabo died died.

Suspected trouble jingfangxingju

Daimou heard of Wang Dabo's death, a panic. Hastily fled the home.

Available days of hiding, let Daimou heart tired, so about a friend in the foot bath store feet, to help a friend to contact the Royal "and said," Dai Mougang into foot store can be found on report .

December 22 evening 8 pm, Yuhang public security PTU2 number car is Linping Hongfeng Road patrol, a man suddenly rushed out from the side of the road, waving.

Patrol immediately stopped, the man said, Dai Mougang just walked into a foot store go. 2 car immediately after the call on the 1st car, two men speed Chi Wang Renmin Road intersection red FENGNAN foot store, blocked all entrances foot store, the players entered the shop, it was found that under the feet of Daimou. Suddenly appeared in front of the patrol let Daimou taken aback, and have not recovered, they were arrested.

Currently, Daimou suspicion of trouble in Yuhang Police Detention law, the case is under further investigation.