■ married lover's boyfriend heard saying "my wife will not let divorce", anxious to break up

■ boyfriend anxious to carry barrels of gasoline and fertilizer have to die with her, did not forget to leave the last words to his daughter

Momou married man carrying his wife in Hefei looking for a lover, but also for Valentine's move really, and he intended to divorce his wife, but his wife does not agree with life and death. Seeing no hope to get married lover, on the Momou made a break. This time Momou anxious night Zhangjiagang drove from work to find a lover to Hefei. In Nanjing refueling, Momou prepare a bucket of gasoline, and she would like to see die. As for the family, Momou most worried about is baby daughter, so he specially recorded a record left daughter. July 28 morning, Momou standing on the dock of the Court, the prosecution accused him of suspicion of manslaughter.

Carrying gasoline and lovers want to die

Momou, male, born in 1970, college culture, Zhangjiagang City, a heavy equipment manufacturing company employees, residence address in Chongqing, place of residence of Zhangjiagang City.

April 30, 2011 morning, Momou due to break up with his lover Xiaoyan issue is not acceptable, then driving cars from Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, Hefei and Xiaoyan want to die.

On the way, after the Nanjing Tangquan Momou service area gas station, use the hose from the tank car itself drawn about three liters of gasoline, antifreeze into the bucket ready, and handwriting, voice recording last words to their families.

Day 3:40 Xu, Momou carrying gasoline and lighter Xiaoyan find accommodation in Hefei, handheld lighter and the barrel lid open, threatened to death with Xiaoyan, and poured gasoline into his body.

Meanwhile, gasoline spill Momou Xiaoyan residence living room coffee table and the floor. Because this situation has preparedness, Xiaoyan had left the residence, in the room was only Xiaoyan prior invite male friends Humou, Zhu Moumou other four people.

Momou seeing then left holding drums, Humou other man with a stop to prevent the deterioration of the situation, to take catch, hit, kicked, etc. in the area at the entrance to the Momou uniforms, and grabbed the hands of drums and lighters . Momou alarm after being rushed to the police back to accept the deal.

After the incident, the victim and his friends on Momou Xiaoyan expressed understanding of the behavior.

Married men can not accept and lover broke up

July 28 morning, the court hearing the case, took to the dock at Momou bailiff escorted. Momou fat, bespectacled, entered into the court to find a chair and sat down.

The trial, Momou said that in August 2009, after a friend introduced him and Xiaoyan know each other. At the time, Xiaoyan know Momou already married and have a daughter, but Momou mature and stable, still attracted Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan by saying, "Momou is my favorite type."

Because Xiaoyan has no boyfriend, coupled Momou Xiaoyan and other girls do not feel the same, "she does not like make-up, the usual preference is to read and chat", the two naturally go together. After dating for four months, the two lived together.

Momou in Zhangjiagang City to work on weekends, Momou will drive to Hefei and Xiaoyan tryst, Xiaoyan home to live in. Later, back Momou Xiaoyan bought a house in Hefei, as the two love nest. But Xiaoyan said in the statement on the things she has to buy a house to pay it, "out of four million, and home furniture, household appliances is responsible for the procurement of me."

After nearly two years of cohabitation, Xiaoyan and Momou proposed to marry, but when Momou filed for divorce to his wife, his wife does not agree. Xiaoyan knew hopeless marriage, and Momou wanted to break up.

At this point Momou already Xiaoyan had true feelings, strongly disagreed and Xiaoyan break. The evening of 29 April 2011, Xiaoyan raised again to break up the phone, the two resulting quarrel,nike tn, during Xiaoyan let Momou drive to Hefei, to personally understand you, and say Momou disturb her life Even if it dies Momou pulled together.

Momou was also like, after that if he could not agree to Hefei and Xiaoyan, big deal die together, as described above, then it happened.

"Testament" in the property left to her daughter

Just after Valentine Momou intend to die and his handwriting and audio recorded words.

On an envelope Momou wrote: "...... If I die, that is the signature Momou Xiaoyan do ...... stay."

The recording is Momou left her daughter's last words, said her daughter is his greatest weakness. Momou's last words, said: "Dad wanted to live with aunt and Hefei, but she is now going to leave my father, my father went to her now, may come back ...... I often quarrel with your mother, do not want another kind of life the father to go find her, I now explain to my funeral ...... "and then put the bank card number, password and stock accounts, passwords are all recorded down, ready to leave her daughter.

This recording court has been played Momou been quietly listening. At this point, sitting in the gallery one looks beautiful lady, could not help but shed tears, always wipe his eyes with tissues.

When the final statement, Momou say, because I am impulsive, regardless of the consequences before they commit the big mistake, but after all he did this thing, we must bear the consequences.

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