(Reporter Yanjun Rong) When your child suddenly trapped in the car, you will decisively rescue, or passively waiting for? Two nights ago, is located in Shanghai's Hongkou District, a product of the new building District Court staged a tense scene, a negligent mother not only forgotten the keys in the car, and a half years old baby also was locked car. Because of the child's parents do not want to smash the window, causing the children trapped in the car after more than an hour was only rescued professionals.

Witnesses Cheng told reporters that he drove the night 6:40 into the area and found a large group of people downstairs around a VW POLO car talking about, including a young woman and two old man standing near the vehicle, emotional anxiety. Cheng came to understand the situation, that the owner is the child's mother, parking accidentally leave the keys in the car, and then the door was locked, even worse is only ten months after the baby was trapped in seat inside.

As a long time trapped in the car, the child began to cry loudly, and there have been cases of vomiting. The presence of many residents recommended that owners immediately smashed car windows, in order to quickly open the door to rescue the child, but the child's grandmother apparently this is not willing that bad car windows will be very convenient, the child's mother only Select the alarm.

Hongkou District police station, according to police reports Jiangwanzhen, Alarm, and they promptly notify the firefighters rushed to the scene. The police inquiry, the original is the child's mother drove the kids to visit the elderly from zhoupu district, due to leave the keys in the parking in the front passenger seat of the car, in the back seat after the baby to her car to get away from the other things, but just then the door is automatically locked car control.

For a vehicle to be automatically locked, the scene of the police can not do anything. And because the child's grandmother always adhere to the window glass can not be destroyed, firefighters also helpless. In desperation, the police can only turn to a professional lock company. Wait about half an hour after the locksmith to unlock the company has finally arrived, but VW POLO car very difficult to open the lock, locksmith tried several times without success. Rescue workers can only inflated way through the door abruptly softened a crack, and then slowly inserted into the elongated hook hook the keys out of the car, this will open the door, the child rescued. Grandmother holding a child cried on the spot, then the child's mother drove the family quickly left the area.

This matter was not much, but handling the children's parents or caused hot area residents, many people think that children of parents passively wait and undesirable, even Mercedes-Benz also should have smashed, after rescue deal. Witnesses will be made in the matter, fueled concern. Netizen "wind miss" that, if the child was trapped in the car for a long time, will hypoxia. However, there are friends that everything has two sides, smashing windows will frighten them, glass slag is likely to fly to the child body.

Shanghai Jiahua Law Firm lawyer Li Jupeng this event indicates that, in general, parents are the child's legal guardian, should ensure that children do not get hurt,tn requin pas cher, or should bear the corresponding legal responsibility.