WASHINGTON Wu Yun, Yu Jianwen, reporter Luo Sujing reported: two were sentenced, temper is not changed, a little small for killing two people. Yesterday, reporters learned from the Xihu District Court, the defendant Xu found guilty of intentional homicide, the court of first instance sentenced to eight years and two victims compensation of $ 100,000.

Xu and a million there are festivals, has been brooding. June 22 at 1 pm, Xu carrying a dagger, Yue Bin Garden District homes came looking for under a million 4 buildings. Not in a million, only Wan father sat downstairs door, so the knife towards Wan Xu father chest, abdomen Lian Tong several knives. A brother ten thousand heard cries for help, rushed over and hugged Xu, Xu was also armed with a knife killing, forced to flee. Xu Chao Wan parent has a knife chest, abdomen stabbed several knives, fled home bath, body splash the blood of clothes are clean and dry fruit knife up. The forensic identification, the extent of damage to a brother B square constitutes a minor, a parent is injured square B, and constitute nine disabled.

Court that Xu and there is law of the land, unlawful deprivation of life,nike tn pas cher, his behavior constituted intentional homicide. Xu in the implementation of the crime, for reasons other than the will not succeed, attempted offense.

Xu argued in court that it has no purpose to kill, does not belong to voluntary manslaughter, intentional injury. The court held that Xu knife murder and killing one person and seriously injured B, B minor one serious consequences, and its implementation of the crime, the knife to kill the victim stabbed body are the chest, abdomen and other vital parts, and its subjective that may cause the death of another person obviously has a laissez-faire attitude of the consequences that have criminal intent to kill, so the defendant justification can not be established, the court shall not be accepted. Court pursuant to the provisions of relevant laws and then made the above decision.