Hong Yinv angry boyfriend jumped into the water to save River River City Police Association

At 17:40 on the 25th Xu, reporters received a tip lines, a red woman near a river Riverside Gate Bridge To commit suicide. 18:15 Xu, reporters came to the site of the incident near the five-star riverside building, the woman has been rescued by a Police Association.



Woman jumping uniformed guy river rescue

18:15 Xu, reporters came to the site of the incident, the woman in red has been led away by her boyfriend. According to an old man onlookers say, less than 17 red woman he saw in the river cruise, do not know when the woman was gone, he and others talk about this woman, it was said, found a woman in red dress Luxury waterfront building. "Heaven a little dark, when I went to the five-star riverside building found the girl to the river to get it, I shouted for help. A uniformed young man ran out of the room from the bridge-watchers job, so I did not God breathed, he jumped into the river. "said the old man, on five minutes of work, the guy put the red uniforms pulled the girl on the shore.

Save people who:


Others do not save me salvation

Reporters saw the rescue Police Association Tian Yan, his clothes had been soaked in the river, although car heater blowing straight body, when he is not to shiver. "I was in duty, I heard someone shout rescue, my first reaction to the river looked and saw a red shadow moving towards the river."

Tian Yan said that he did not water down the stairs, but in himself and the woman at the river bank close to the straight line distance jumped into the river, he found the water, the river has gone to his thigh. He has a few meters away from the woman away, the river is not the woman's knees. He shouted: "You do not do anything silly." The woman said: "You want me doing that you do not control?." Pick up the pace woman said as she walked to the river. When the field is about to catch up with the woman in red rock, the river has gone to a woman from the waist up, went to the woman lying in the water, floating up the whole body at once, followed by the women squat again, ready to drowning. "At this point, my right hand can pull her skirt up after I force a pull, left hand stopped her waist." Tian Yan said, the woman looked thin, struggling with a few boring, he dragged on the shore.

"I had nothing to think, next, there are many people in the crowd, someone save me should not be saved, because I was wearing a police uniform." Tian Yan said, from small to large, he did not swam, and very afraid of the water, When he jumped into the icy river, was also a little afraid, after all, he can not swim, but looking at the girl in red toward the river,basket requin tn, ignoring what he ran toward the woman.

Hong Yinv:


And angry because her boyfriend commit suicide

According to Riverside police officer surnamed presentation room, after receiving the alarm, police rushed to the scene. Woman claiming to be surnamed Li, born in 1992, who lives in Changyi District. According to the woman, said her boyfriend quarrel in the morning and after a moment of pique to make such a stupid thing. Housing police said the woman has been on the phone, learned from the conversation, the other is the woman's boyfriend. About 15 minutes later, dressed in a beige cotton men arrived, the woman led away.

Practical work, helpfulness of Police Association

Chuanying traffic control brigade, a squadron leader, said Dong Guoan, Tian Yan, 29, is the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Control Detachment in 2011 to recruit the first batch of Police Association, has not yet married. "We know not swim rock field, no one thought he would be diving save." Dong said the captain, Tian Yan is an extremely practical man, as long as the leadership told, Tian Yan will earnestly fulfill. These days under the snow, Tian Yan and colleagues during the day Linjiangmen Square divert traffic, helping carts at night but also around the school parking order management.

Songhua Network reporter Ma Ying