With one million yuan in cash to the transaction who knows the words "customer" located under the cover

Gold (Reporter Ying Lan) Wang took 160,000 euros and more than 10,000 US dollars, with the "client" exchange foreign currency, knows actually in the "customer" located under the cover - unknowingly drank a narcotic drugs, were brought on Jingshan Wenzhou city strangled, and all the money was looted. Recently, the robbery homicide in Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court hearing.

After the murder, he took away all the foreign currency

Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court in the third courtroom, wearing a blue vest prison uniform,tiffany roma, handcuffs, leg irons of Mou stood in the dock. Mou black-rimmed glasses, looks Sisiwenwen.

Mou defendant, aged 50, Wenzhou people; victim Wang, aged 48, is the Wenzhou people. Wang Mou was recognized as a "client", because before the incident, they have done several times between foreign currency exchange transactions.

Prosecutor accused, 11 am June 8 this year, Mou to exchange currency on the grounds around the Wang Lu Pu Nampo to the downtown building LAF homes. Wang carried a black bag, which is equipped with 160,000 euros, $ 12,400 (according to the exchange rate at that time, for a total value of 138 million yuan), preparation and Yumou exchange. During the meeting, Mou will be prepared for incorporation Wang drinking tea syrup, resulting in unconsciousness after Wang drank.

2 o'clock in the afternoon, Wang Mou away from the cafe, take a taxi to Lighthouse Road. Then they drove him Yumou owned car, with Wang spent a hour or in the urban areas around the circle, back to the Lighthouse Road. Finally, once again to take a taxi to the city near the Golden West Jingshan off.

Get off, Wang because the drug seizure, lying on the grass. Mou seeing with carrying a towel over his nose and mouth Wang, and later moved to turn a towel neck, forced to Wang strangled. Subsequently, Wang Mou to conceal the bodies were dragged into the nearby bushes and robbed Wang carry all foreign currency and mobile phones, and fled the scene.

In the afternoon, Wang Wang family members continue to call, you can always contact. That night, see Wang has not come home, his family called the police. June 10, Mou was arrested at home downstairs.

In Yumou identified, the police found the bodies of Wang Jingshan a grass.

Defendant: I am willing to pay, do their utmost to

Public prosecutor that Mou illegal possession for the purpose of taking violent means to rob other people's property, a huge amount, and killed one person should be held criminally responsible for the crime of robbery.

For the fact that the prosecutor accused, the judge asked Mou: "whether it is true?"

Mou replied without hesitation: "true."

"There is no proof of their own exculpatory evidence?"

"No, I confessed to the crime."

Mou himself confessed to the crime.

Wang Mou families of the victims also filed a criminal with a civil claim for compensation for death, etc. in addition to 71 million yuan, the family members also asked for Mou punished severely.

"I am willing to pay, do their utmost." For compensation, Mou said.

"What property?" The judge asked.

"I have only one property name car (Camry sedan)." Mou replied.

"Your car is not worth much money, you lose what means?"

"No matter how much money, but also bear the consequences."

Wenzhou Intermediate People's Court on the case have not been in court for sentencing.