Low temperature of minus five degrees Celsius, outdoor stroll around Guangzhebangzi What would it feel? Yesterday, two men and a woman to win the pot shop sent 300 yuan in cash, choose thick jacket off, put on a bikini, in the cold outdoors, show a figure.

On site

300 yuan in cash incentives, winter street staged swimsuit

The first one, "Warrior"

Man with a solution of 6 buttons 5 minutes

Yesterday morning, Agricultural Road, Zhengzhou City, the three-way intersection with drum bursts, the southwest corner of the intersection of a hot pot restaurant is inaugurated, specially built stage covered with red carpet. To attract customers, pot shop to passers-by paid employees with one colorful balloons.

9:50, on a hot pot restaurant in front of the stage, a man wearing a black coat bare legs walked to center stage and stood beside moderator. His mouth and half face indented under the collar, from time to time stamped. A burst of cold wind blowing, his body shaking a bit, then shivering.

"Off!" Host of the order, the man untied bow first two buttons, followed by the crowd of people looked up, turn buttons tied again. Repeated five rounds down, the man was eventually six buttons on the coat untied one, the whole process took almost five minutes.

9:55, the man suddenly raised his arm, waved his arms, along with a black coat off the ground. The cold, I saw him Guangzhuobangzi, wearing a black swim trunks, armpit ribs more obvious.

Faced with the audience enthusiasm of the crowd, a smile on his face after a brief stopover rapidly disappearing. After that, the man walked around on the stage, quickly got into the background.

Second place, "Warrior", said the man was wearing a pink bikini, "pure man"

After the black man to step down, followed by the men's bikini debut. An approximately 30-year-old man wrapped in a jacket, wearing good shoes stepping staggered way to get to center stage. With his debut, laughter, screams, shouts erupted together. A man wearing only swimming trunks pants, but also pink. Moderator evaluated after the man's courage, requires man take off his jacket, "a show."

"Off!" The audience was shouting. Men's breath, rapid take off his jacket, revealing a pink bikini swimsuit lady. Taiwan next woman rushed, hurried with his hands to his face.

"Or a bikini." Men's move surprised the audience crowd, people talking.

Faced with the reaction of the crowd, the man not only with a smile, and two fingers, made a triumphant pose.

"Pure man! Really awesome!" Someone shouted audience.

Obviously, men's dress is very popular, "Welcome." After the catwalk, he walked to greet the audience after the completed lap, laughing off the stage.

Third place "Warriors" is the debut women's swimwear crowd suddenly "tall" of the

After the two men walking down the catwalk, only one woman was elected debut.

Moderator: "bikini woman coming soon." At this point, cries, screams from the crowd suddenly stopped, turned to become quiet, and everyone just whispered.

A young woman took center stage, the crowd suddenly "overstating" part of it, a lot of people on tiptoe to see what happens.

Woman slowly take off his jacket, revealing a blue bikini swimsuit. Suddenly, the crowd broke the quiet sound a child: "Sister cold." A little girl holding balloons on her mother said. "Sister beautiful, but also very cold." Explained the mother of the child.

This mother-daughter dialogue to hear people, who responded with a smile. Woman on stage in everyone's interest, the successful completion of the catwalk.

Two men and a woman, three participants completed swimwear catwalk, but also their "get it" to get a $ 300 bonus pot shops and a cash voucher.


"People always say I have not courage, I want to take to prove himself."

"Minus five degrees Celsius, wearing a swimsuit catwalk beauty also frozen people." A public summary, swimwear catwalk lasted 10 minutes, to participate in the activities of two men and a woman does have guts.

After the event, wearing a bikini ladies man says he surnamed Ye, Anqing, now Zhengzhou curtains business. Through here, found that cash rewards activity, try to sign up.

"Before I did the old people say courage, I would like to take this opportunity to break their own." Mr Yip said that during on-site registration, as long as both moderator places, but because of his active participation in the host promised to give a number of places, but because no men swimming trunks, he had wronged lady wearing a bikini.

"It's no big deal, I value is the courage to challenge." Mr Yip said he does not deny that the event is a show, but he believes that this also gives other people the opportunity to show their. In his own words, "It is pleasing income."

According to the live event organizers say, to celebrate the store opening held hot swimwear catwalk events,piumini outlet, and set up 300 yuan in cash and voucher incentives for participants. Minus five degrees Celsius is appropriate catwalk wearing a swimsuit? Moderator: "This is to give us a chance to show their, can exercise human will."