After raping the girl, he thought the girl would certainly do his girlfriend, then left his phone number. However, the month to the police the police. Recently, in cooperation with the month, the city of Shenyang police successfully "catch" the suspect, Lee has been under criminal detention by the police on suspicion of rape.

Evening met "enthusiasts"

Defected to Qingdao sister, brother of the month to a number of days, things work has not landed. July 28 evening, she came to the supermarket wandering the streets, inadvertently met a young man. Young men saw him, on the ground approached former enthusiasm.

This name claiming called "Gang" young men began to brag about. They stood in front of the supermarket to talk in full swing, month and see what Gang everything, also called on the "Wanggezhuang." Chat, "Wang and" kindly asked a month of work. Month that did not work, he boldly guaranteed to help find jobs every month.

Subsequently, the "Gang" to go to a familiar facility, you can go and see the name of the month pulled walked toward darkness.

Courtship Men Face

Soon, the "Gang" with a piece of next month and went to the woods, month and hesitated. But, "Wang Gang," said he was familiar with the terrain, through the woods to go.

Hesitation, month follow "Gang" into the woods. "Gang" looked at no one around, suddenly turned smile on his face, then talked about the situation, "in front of the supermarket first thing I noticed you, you look so beautiful, so my girlfriend."

Month and found that the situation does not, he turned and ran. However, she was "Gang," a hold of desperation, shouting month.

Young men shouted month after discovery, immediately turned hostile, "said another call should you look good." Subsequently,air jordan pas cher femme, the month was dragged into the depths of the woods young men, raped her.

When the two men out of the woods, "Gang" that "raw rice cooked boiled rice", month and will certainly be his girlfriend, they also vowed that: "We are friends now, where you live, Do not worry about work package to me. "

When breaking up, "Gang" and gave a phone number every month, "This is my phone number."

Rape the girl, because of his romance

The next morning, on the month, accompanied by his family reported to the police. The evening of July 29, police arrested the young men's eyes firmly fixed on the month and the first meeting of the supermarket, and month on the phone, "Wang and" night at seven o'clock appointment to see the old place, can be had for seven, yet still have not seen him appear. After a few minutes, waiting for the police found a man in the distance, looking around the alley, ready inventory when approached, the man ran away, through containment and arrested him. Man is come to escape dating ", Wang."

Upon review, "Wang and" real name Lee, 27, JuXian who arrived in Qingdao a few days, is also looking for work. Lee said: he had been farming in his hometown, and his girlfriend broke up because of depressed mood after ran out, when the month saw some bright spots in the supermarket, when it is remembered refuse dumped his ex-girlfriend, not on the air hit a come, so he raped her.

Lee for all confessed their crimes, but also kept saying really want to pay monthly and male and female friends. When the police asked, "There are so friends do? Reported a pseudonym, deception to find a job, then bullying?" Asked the face of police, Lee speechless.

Currently, the case is under further investigation. City Safety Vision Reporter correspondent Wang Lei

(Source: Peninsula Network - City News)