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When the Japanese film "guide dog small Q", the guide stopped the owner loyalty when you see a small image with the owner, Mr. Watanabe Q through the crowded streets, the obstacles, the millions of Chinese audience was deeply moved. However, for religious reasons, many Muslims can not enjoy the blind guide dogs brought by various conveniences. Today, guide the blind horse will make their lives appear turnaround.

According to British media reported on November 14, who lives in Pennsylvania Mona to have a horse named Carly guide blind pony. Mona blind 28-year-old, is a University of Pennsylvania law student. Because born in a traditional Muslim family, was not destined to guide dogs into her life. Turning point came in April 2008, Mona happen to know an article on the guide blind horse reported on the Internet:. "At that time I immediately realized that this is what I have been looking forward to being able to change things in my life."

Mona since 2006 has been a part-time Braille proofreading company. Last year, she finally used his savings to buy a three-year one such pony for themselves the way. Since Carly was brought home on Mona Mona's life completely changed, and now only a small Carly is Mona's eyes, and became her best friend.

Carly 3 years old this year, only about 0.75 meters tall, the horses indeed belong to the "little man." But by trainer training, small Carly can not only help Mona down car, but also lead the owner roam freely in the crowd, and even quietly stood by Mona class time.

"It's really great pony horse. My biggest wish is to go to those places and it alone can not reach our trip," Mona said, "Before Carly has, I believe that their future life will be darkness, and it will let me regain confidence, so I restore confidence in the state of childhood. "

"Carly gained independence only makes me, and let me know everything is possible truth." When she decided to start saving money to buy a small Carly, in addition to the most realistic challenge to find a farrier to Carly's hoof regular care, as well as from friends and family for their advice, because they believe that such a pony to take care of the difficulty is too great.

"People always say that I'm sure you can find a horse nail palm master, but I finished all the things they thought impossible. The more they do not tell me, the more I want to do," Mo Na said with pride. ・ Haipei ・