Express News (Reporter bell Yin) As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease, pain is so terrible. Grandma Lu teeth all off, you can still sore gums, and yesterday she was therefore came Xuanwu Lake jump himself. Fortunately, she was rescued by a passing traveler, and the rescue of the man, is suffering from cancer patients.

Lee is from Henan, weekend train to Nanjing doctor. Not long ago, he was diagnosed as cancer, after which he regularly come to Nanjing Cancer Hospital for tests. 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, he was carrying a simple luggage, ready to ride to the train station to go home. Because time is premature, he came across the train station on the way to enjoy the scenery around the lake. Suddenly, he saw a stocky, gray-haired old lady jumped out of the lake, also continues to center around the lake. "Come back! Danger!" Lee threw hand luggage,tiffany sito ufficiale, gave trouser pocket and pulled out the phone did not directly jumped into the water. Lee quickly swam to the old man, at this time, the elderly have Helehaoji saliva, still stubbornly refuses to come ashore. Look fail to beat Lee elderly, had shouted for help. Last week a young man came here, also jumped to the rescue. They even pull with a pull, and finally to help the elderly ashore.

Soon, the police station and basaltic Shaoshan 110 special patrol rushed to the scene. It is understood that the old man surnamed Lu, Nanjing who has three sons, she is telling his sons out of committing suicide. Grandma Lu pointed to his mouth, said: "! Severe pain, see a doctor nor optimistic, can not stand it," Lee again and again to comfort the elderly, do not take things too hard because of small problems but, they are suffering from cancer, still struggling to survive, a little pain But what of the more poor health, the more should cherish life. In everyone's comfort, emotional elderly finally stabilized. Subsequently, she was sent away police. (Chow rebellion award 60 yuan)