Legal Evening News (Reporter Xin Ji) recently, "I am a singer," high "The Voice of China" and other TV program ratings, some counterfeit fraud gang have to take this opportunity to show the group winning information through mobile mass deception of others fooled. Suspect Wang Liang (a pseudonym), together with eight other people in between March 2013 to May,giubbotto peuterey uomo prezzo, defrauding 17 victims totaling more than 30 million. Victims lacking a senior research institutions PhD, director, group-level cadres and other qualified persons.

January 17, the Beijing Daxing District People's Procuratorate, the court hearing the case.

Remittance after they found themselves deceived twice

"Congratulations! Your phone number is Hunan TV," I am a singer "column group extracted for OTC second lucky viewers. You will get Dream Fund ¥ 80000 Apple macbookpro element and a laptop." March 20, 2013 in the morning , a Beijing auto repair factory director Zhang Bing (pseudonym) received such a winning message.

Then, he used a computer to log the messages on the website, enter their phone number and verification code found on the page at the far right there is a scrolling list of winners, he saw his phone number on the inside, so he initially believed he really of the award.

On the website says the award must pay a deposit of 4,000 yuan, he wrote back to "400" at the beginning of the winning Tel. Zhang Bing dialed the phone, the phone told before Zhang Bing will need to receive a deposit bonus of 4,000 yuan. Mr. Zhang went to exchange 4,000 yuan to each other on a nearby ATM machine.

After exchange of money he would then call the other side of the phone, the other said that he would pay 16,000 yuan of income tax. At this time, Zhang Bing still put money in accordance with the requirements of crooks call each other. Then, when he give the other call, the phone still can not turn on, Mr. Zhang at this time only to find deceived, then.

Recruit a cadre of young people cheated more than 90,000

Zhang Bing is just one of the many victims, according to statistics, the youngest 20-year-old victim in the case of 17, the biggest 58-year-old, with young people less than 25 years in the majority. The higher the overall quality of the victim, PhD, group-level cadres, university students have been caught. There are more than 90,000 yuan a cadre cheated, cheated significantly more than the amount of the winning value.

What is the trick, has allowed so many highly educated, highly qualified persons fall into trap? According to Liu Huihui Daxing District Prosecutor's Office reports, the suspects were from Hainan, relatives or friends between each other, when the fraud division of labor, with each other.

First, they will be ready for the crime of bank card and buy online 400,95013,0731,0571 beginning with the phone, and with his cellphone. Subsequently, they will be based on the hit show was produced fraudulent web pages. After the mass fraud SMS, Wang Liang, who sit at home waiting for a call of victims. Their means of fraud is a step by step temptation victims continue to allow them to send money. Text / reporter Xin Ji

(Original title: vigilance "I am a singer," a fraud hot words a three-month criminal gangs defrauding 17 victims of more than 30 million!)