Newspaper reporter Xu Shanshan correspondent Yue Lin

Nearly more than one month ago, for the relevant anonymous complaints and media exposure, Longhua District, Haikou City Procuratorate Longhua District Sanitation Bureau of the illegal sale of sanitation workers indicators big money to conduct a full investigation.

Late last year, Longhua District Prosecutor's Office received a mass of anonymous reporting of alleged corruption Lin Yafu clues. Upon approval, the hospital launched early clue to this investigation. March this year, the province media again Longhua District Sanitation Bureau recruiting violation charges regarding sanitation workers were exposed.

Since March 9, after more than 80 of the sanitation workers and associated personnel investigation and verification, Longhua District Prosecutor's Office found that Longhua District Sanitation Bureau, former director Lin Yafu there are significant economic issues, the huge phenomenon of corruption exists in Longhua District sanitation worker recruitment process.

Groups selling sanitation workers indicators

According to social clues and media exposure, the prosecution after a lot of perimeter check, step by step and uncover an illegal charge Longhua District Sanitation Bureau sanitation workers who work a huge big net "target cost" This community crime.

The prosecution's investigation found that in Longhua District Sanitation Bureau illegally accepting sanitation workers "indicator fee" case, the Longhua District Sanitation Bureau under the captain, section chief and director formed a community of interests illegal bribes, the use of models for large-scale pyramid enrichment. According to some of the social needs of the sanitation workers who want employment, relevant captain Sanitation Bureau, the segment length accepting these people "target fee." Leave a small part of the "hard money" for himself, the captain and were then handed over to Lin Yafu long segment on the most "cost index."

The reporter found that many sanitation workers are the 10,000 yuan -3 thousand dollars "targets fee" to a "middleman" of their own relatives. These "middleman" in addition to sanitation Sanitation Bureau chief captain and the segment portion of the cleaning sections, but also including some government departments responsible for the staff and some of the units. Part of the "middleman" through the relationship arrange their relatives and friends into the Sanitation Bureau, which also left a certain amount of commission to yourself.

Use "indicator fee" for the home buying cemetery

Sanitation workers illegally accepting "target fee" big money after prosecutors found in the survey, Lin Yafu also use part of the "target fee" for the purchase of its own cemetery.

2005, Lin Yafu Square is located in Haikou City, Baisha graves to be relocated due to demolition and renovation of the government, they instructed their original Linya Fu Lin to find a driver to move the graves of feng shui. Lin Longhua District Longquan Zhenmou through its contact committee. It is understood that when the mountain village of Narathiwat 1984 price 2000 yuan per square meter.

It is understood that Lin Yafu agreed to the price of 2,000 yuan per square meter to buy 50 square meters cemetery, cemetery funds totaling $ 100,000. In order to pay the fee, Lin Yafu himself out of 60,000 yuan, and the remaining 40,000 yuan by Lin and the village party secretary, the village agreed to arrange some staff to work to solve the sanitation bureau. The solution is collected by sanitation work of these officers' index fee "to the village, used to offset the purchase of cemetery remaining land section.

According to the prosecutors who, in 2007, a succession twice in the same village to buy cemetery, cemetery funds were $ 100,000 and 120,000 yuan. Payment methods are used in the same pattern: some staff to arrange the village sanitation bureau work, then collect their work "targets fee" to the village, with a "target fee" to offset the cemetery acquisition.

By prosecutors to identify, in this way, Lin Yafu has arranged for 15 people to a village in the town of Longquan Longhua District Sanitation Bureau, collecting a total of 260,000 yuan fee index. All the money was used to pay for the purchase Lin Yafu village cemetery.

Award certificates and wines of contrasts

Prosecutors told reporters, reason of age was dismissed in January this year, Longhua District Sanitation Bureau office.

When prosecutors searched the residence of , two places in stark contrast. A locker room put more than 100 of the nearly three-tier award certificates, many of which are provincial awards. Living room closet is filled with wine and tea, many fit cabinets are placed outside.

The source said, Sanitation Bureau served as Secretary during the work has achieved some success. Later, however, he was carried away by the interest from the beginning to take advantage of cheaper accept small recruit sanitation workers to collect "indicators fees" and other means of bribery, corruption took a step by step road until behind bars.

After the incident, in repentance book said he was in front of the lure of money and materialism lost himself in the road of life lost the basic principles of life. Their crimes, I'm sorry tissue culture and education. Now I hope the judiciary do its best to try to make up for the mistake,outlet scarpe hogan, for the organization leniency.

Prosecution official said, sanitation workers as socially vulnerable groups, in shaping the city clean and harmonious image has made tremendous contributions to the construction of Hainan International Tourism Island is the main force. Against Linya Fu et al goose plucking of lawlessness, the prosecution will further increase the power handling, for a thorough investigation of the case as soon as possible. (April 22 newspaper Haikou News)