After ten days of detective work, yesterday morning, police in Nanjing Jianye Yuhuatai the "April 22" knife burglary murder suspects arrested Kang. Police, Kang seems to be a "boring pot" character, after being arrested, although admitted his crime, but the motive is tight-lipped.

April 22 afternoon, Jianye District, one of the well-being of the village shop Homicide, female owner Zhang was killed, the store part of the property was stolen. After the incident, Nanjing police quickly formed a task force, in newspapers, television, Internet and other media continuously released suspects shot the photo, and collect clues to solve reward of 20,000 yuan.

In the meantime, get all kinds of clues Nanjing police more than 130 pieces, carefully screened to verify, May 1 at noon, the task force to obtain an important clue from the public to report: Xinyi men aged 31 Kang major crime suspects. The investigation, Kang rape robbery but had been sentenced,comprare hogan online, released from prison after a small hotel in Nanjing work, when committing the crime, released from prison not long. By Kang's physical characteristics, as well as traces of actions before and after the crime scene trace evidence cases than the right, the task force will soon confirm, Kang is the "April 22" murder suspect, then the implementation of arrest. Yesterday, more than three in the morning, the police arrested the suspect Kang fell swoop, successfully cracked this vicious knife burglary homicides.

After initial trial, Kang implementation murder confessed to the crime of robbery. But refused to explain the motive. Police thanked the media and the masses of the cases detected by providing support and assistance, and to provide clues to solve the case of a direct result of the masses to honor 20,000 yuan reward.

Correspondent to build public newspaper reporter Luo Shuangjiang