Morning News (Reporter Liyu Chen) million people took to the streets during the day fundraiser, charity gala evening of love continues to relay ...... Shanghai city yesterday surging love.

"Beloved -2013 love big run under the blue sky day" event held yesterday. The same day, thousands of volunteers appeared in Shanghai, the main road, transportation hubs, residents of the community, to guide passers voluntary contributions.

9:00 last night, people took to the streets of Shanghai Charity Foundation announced fundraising total donations: 557,249.38 yuan (including charity gala evening to raise money).

Official said, all donations will be delivered before the Spring Festival, the city's poverty-stricken families.

Admire: the most emotional fund-raisers

Long silence elderly pensioners money donations

Beloved activities under the blue sky yesterday, a group of donor money for many years quietly helping the vulnerable elderly, people moved.

Following Mr. Yu Lao Lu and his wife have been 90 years old this year, starting in 2002, two elderly people for 10 years to the Shanghai Charity Foundation charity donations 2000 yuan per year, then the land is only a month old pension 820 Yuan.

Miss Tao Bingjun wife died early last year, died of cancer in March eldest daughter passed away. The old man from the beginning of 2007, the annual donations 1200 yuan, pair a needy student financial assistance, donations for children with leukemia had also.

The most notable is 101-year-old Zhang is. 13 years ago, with his name and inspirational charitable foundation grants funded a total of more than 7,000 high school students nationwide for universities nationwide more than 40 million yuan donation. Last year, Zhang set up for the elderly in Shanghai three secondary schools of the "Zhang for student scholarships," 10 million yuan donation to the North again. Year, Zhang will sell 6 million donated to Tsinghua University. Zhang was yesterday revealed his secret to longevity: "I can live over a hundred years, it is because I do charity charity longevity.."

Review: Most people happy day

December 8 last year, the city hit the nation's cities in a single day of fundraising

Volunteers wearing a hat bearing the logo of charity, charity handheld blue bag, from 10:00 to 16:00 yesterday morning, volunteers figure appeared in the streets. Each donor will receive a badge of love. In order to ensure transparency of donations, this charity bags are marked with a number, the person receiving, hand recovery, the person responsible for delivery.

Favorite charity this year, a series of activities carried out under the blue sky several times. December 8 last year, became the city of Shanghai this year more than most people happy day --54 000 volunteers, 3645 in Shanghai volunteer organizations took to the streets in the city's 17 districts and counties of the key sections, The main business district, airport, railway station, cruise terminal, subways, hospitals, city volunteer service stations and other places to launch a fund-raising operation, raised a total of 8.495 million yuan donation, the highest single-day cities across the country took to the streets of the most fundraising amount. These amounts are all injected Shanghai Charity Foundation "Care-intentioned people" special fund. The fund is designed to help over the years to contribute to the respect and love pro, dedication, honesty, courageous, helpfulness, etc., because of various reasons personal life difficulties of caring people in urgent need of help.

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