Pingdingshan newspaper News February 22 at 3 pm, an unlicensed black Buick sedan ran under the wheels of a situation, in the way bolted Xunan Gong Ye, scratch multi-car, injured. Eventually, the car ran over 10 years after the stopped.

Police interrogation, the man claiming to be driving the car in Nanyang City Council appoint a staff member, before the incident, he drank a lot of sleeping pills.

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If you slow down to avoid them, it may be knocked on the

23, at 11 am, reporters rushed to the security of the southern town of Ye, Here Ye County is the southern gateway, and Nanyang City border.

In the side of the road, a black Buick sedan without license still parked on the roadside, in front of the card with an electric car, car front windshield all broken, there is a deep drag marks on the ground. Car disappeared right front wheel hub has worn beyond recognition, the car, and two have "fashion liquor" on the empty bottle.

"At that time road traffic jam, see a car madly rushing on the sidewalk, I quickly packed his things to the side to dodge, hit people on my car repair electric motorcycles here, walk stopped down. "recalled the 22 afternoon Cry scene, repairman Zhao Songlin lingering fear that, if a little slow to avoid them, it may be knocked on.

The crowd of several said that after the car was stopped, the police have come up with a license plate from the trunk in Henan R.


Prior to the incident the driver had been drinking sleeping pills

At noon yesterday, the town in the security police station, a police revealed that the situation of the trouble. In the afternoon, the town police station received 110 orders of security, called for a black to intercept the vehicle. When the police station rushed to the scene, the car had been stopped, the driver was stuck in the crowd scene. Subsequently, the police packed up the car driver Liang laptop and other items, which brought to the police station.

Interrogation, Liang said he was Nanyang people over 40 years old, work in a bureau of Nanyang City Committee. During interrogation, police found Liang trance. According to Liang account, before the incident he had to drink sleeping pills. Interrogation process, a woman came to the police station, said the two men from Zhengzhou to Ye,giubbotti woolrich, after the occurrence of a car with the local grazing, in their own county seat of the car.

Police said the two men allegedly because of emotional entanglements, the woman broke up, the men drank only sleeping pills. Police said the car in the rush process, scratch multi-car, causing many injuries.

The latest developments

Accident man has XingJu

The case has been transferred Ye Chengguan Township police station investigation. In the police station, the reporter was told that due to under further investigation, to disclose the specific case. 22 evening, the driver on suspicion of affray XingJu Liang. According to a preliminary understanding of the injured mostly of scratches, does not matter.