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Working 12 hours a day, no contract, no social security, in Dongguan City Property Management Ltd. Yu Chen Zhifu work six months to poison the way to vent their dissatisfaction. August 30, Dongguan Public Security goalkeeper Chen Zhifu arrested because Chen Yi Du rodenticide poisoning two days ago two colleagues, which resulted in a colleague Ye Weicheng died. According to Chen's family, said Chen property where the company did not sign a labor contract, and not for him to buy social security, Chen worked 12 hours a day, a lot of pressure. Government informed that the preliminary account of the result of the work of Chen Zhifu contradictions poisoning.

Incident: fast food to colleagues poured rat poison

August 28 afternoon, Dongguan Machong stability maintenance center security room downstairs came the scream, turned out to be two property management security government buildings suddenly felt dizzy, chest tightness, foaming at the mouth, having seizures after The hospital clinic setting, the two rat poison was due to poisoning, including a security Ye Weicheng died, another security Jim Tang is in stable condition. With two security while eating fast food poisoning security squad Chen Zhifu afterwards "disappeared", he left his family last talked on the phone: "You do not find me, I'm sorry for the family." August 30, was arrested Chen Zhifu According to his confession, the incident that day at noon, he and Jim Tang, Ye Weicheng three people called out fast food, Chen Zhifu strode from the village bought four bottles of "bit sweet" rat poison on the food inside, for my colleagues to eat . September 15, the reporter received a tip lines came to Chen Zhifu grocery store to buy rat poison, rat poison has seen all the shelves, grocery store owner told reporters: "usually buy rat poison to many people, but I Remember too that person is the East Village, to buy medicine when he looked very calm, his mouth like something in himself, did not catch. "


Property management strength security work

According to Chen's brother, said Chen Zhifu virtuous character, a very regular life does not drink do not gamble, but suffers from a disability or because of a natural hands and long live alone, only fourth-grade education level, resulting introverted withdrawn, poor expression, still did not make the opposite sex, but never quarrel with someone.

So in the eyes of the families of the "good guys" Chen Zhifu Why kill? Reporters learned that was poisoned and killed the security department Ye Weicheng fresh graduates, but three days work. September 15, the reporter found dead mother Chen sister, she took his son's side in security uniforms crying and saying: "? Since earners into work have not said anyone grudges, how colleagues might be poisoned."

According to Chen Zhifu brother revealed that the city of Dongguan City, where his brother Yu Property Management Ltd. has not sign a labor contract, did not buy the social security for him, both sides of labor relations only monthly payroll testify. "He has to work 12 hours a day, so tired." The reporter then onward to find the property management company's security duty table, found from 19:30 assigned to 7:30 the next morning, by a security guard in charge of inspections work intensity is large, the reporter also found that the company there on September 15 and the recent large number of candidate materials. "This company is too harsh treatment, many people do not take long to 'hang on top' (word within), so they want to continue to recruit people."

Chen Zhifu's brother told reporters that he did not believe his brother would rather kill them with colleagues grudges, but I believe my brother suffer harsh treatment of property management companies, resulting in even less than the company's idea of revenge. "He once said to me, the company treated poorly, but I did not care too much. Before the accident, he was more consecutive weeks on the night shift, almost collapsed mentally and physically, and then even on the day shift." Chen The brother said. When a reporter asked Xing Hu, a property management company responsible person to produce a labor contract and social security information and Chen, the official said rejected and not respond.

[Reason] preliminary

Due to "work conflicts" poison

September 15, the government issued a circular Machong said: After the incident, attaches great importance to the town,woolrich outlet, immediately launched the emergency plan, set up a special leading group, organized public security, by letter, Food and Drug Administration station, emergency and other functional departments of the events investigation. One is to treat the wounded, invite experts to track inpatient treatment. Second, coordination, Dongguan City Yu Property Management Ltd. to appease the families of the victims to do the work. Third, efforts investigating this case.

With the support and assistance of Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau, on August 30, the suspect arrested Chen. Under questioning, the suspect Chen confessed due to work conflicts preliminary cause of poisoning deaths in the facts of the crime, the case is currently under further investigation.