the police are not allowed to threaten to close.

Information Times (Reporter correspondent HE Ling Zhu Liu Yu) "80" after the couple because of a trivial quarrel,nike air pas cher, his wife angrily leaving the children away from home,basket nike pas cher, her husband a hurry even to hold infant daughter jump the bridge,giubbotti woolrich, but fortunately was Tiejing him down. October 17, the Guangzhou Railway Station North Canton Police Department,,hogan uomo, police station,giubbotti moncler, the police promptly and successfully rescued the name of the man I want to hold infants and suicide.

Man holding a baby standing on the bridge

1 o'clock in the afternoon,louboutin homme, located in Baiyun District of North Canton police on duty during the discovery,, in the Beijing-Guangzhou line wide a railway bridge north of the station,outlet moncler, a young man wearing a red T-shirt,moncler outlet, one hand holding the umbrella in one hand leaning on the arms of the infant iron railing, standing on the outside of less than 20 cm wide railway bridge parapet,, and threatened to jump off the bridge,spaccio moncler, and the baby die.

Man standing railway bridge about 15 meters high,tn requin pas cher, the bridge is a fast-flowing River Street. If you let go,, the man and the baby off the bridge at any time in danger of drowning. After seeing the wide north of Director Wang led the police to come later, the man was very emotional,moncler sito ufficiale, and make you want to jump the bridge dangerous actions from time to time,woolrich donna,, the police are not allowed to threaten to close.

In order to stabilize the man emotions,hogan outlet, next to the police on duty to disperse,peuterey uomo, leaving only one or two people slowly walked from the front, walked with men engaged in small talk,, persuade them. Time flashed passed half an hour. Faced with the patience to persuade the police scene,woolrich outlet, although men are willing to confide their troubles to the police,louboutin soldes,, but they persisted in his refusal under the bridge. Police fear the scene for a long time dragged on, the men stood in a narrow bridge would be an accident, fell into the rushing river.

Father and daughter rescued Tiejing adventure

To prevent accidents, Director Wang on the one hand continue to organize the police and the men chatted, and call their relatives telephone according to the telephone number provided in order to disperse the attention of men, on the other hand slowly to its commanding the police from both sides close. When the man in the police persuaded,tiffany outlet, took the police to submit a telephone conversation with family and friends prepare the machine,woolrich donna outlet, the police quickly stepped forward on both sides, and a baby clinging to its successful effort to father and daughter from the railway bridge railing outside rescue down.

Reporters learned from the Police Department, the man Ming Jiaohong because (a pseudonym), was about 20 years old, Hubei Xianfeng people in Guangzhou Huadu work. Two days ago,,piumini moncler outlet, his wife and his altercation because household chores, even leaving the starving daughter ran away from home. Seeing his wife did not come back two days, only 11 months old daughter cried non-stop, grew more and more uncomfortable because of the flood, it creates a holding female suicidal. Under police persuasion, flood because the police finally agreed,nike requin tn, and so his wife would come back home, never to commit suicide stupid things.