a common living together.

Southern News correspondent correspondent Yao Jianguo Zhu Jian Song, aged 35 tall stature,moncler sito ufficiale, same good looks, in order to settle in Hong Kong, Hong Kong residents lean married 83-year-old Wu. From February acquaintance married a few days later to despise her husband, fled to escape, and then two years working hard and making divorce experience "trilogy," The Song dreams shattered.

Yesterday, the South reporter from Sanshui Court heard two married each whichever is required, not to establish their emotions, because they did not fulfill his wife Song duties husband twice appealed the court ruling recently permitted divorce.

Brokered relatives,hogan outlet, acquaintances February wedding

Song was born in a small town in Sanshui, tall figure, her good looks from worry about marriage. Had seen in the film due to Hong Kong's prosperity, her heart has always been a dream, I hope he can settle down in Hong Kong. Later, over and over again folks description was settled in Hong Kong: Hong Kong, benefits and working wages several times higher than the mainland, which is more determined she moved to Hong Kong's determination.

However, she only junior high school, no skills,http://club.miyazaki-mu.ac.jp/gvolun/bbs/fbregi.cgi, and no relatives living in Hong Kong. Song has been unable to achieve the dream,moncler piumini, flashed to 2007,woolrich sito ufficiale, she was 35 years old,http://www.365kl.net/home.php?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, still unwilling heart.

Wu Song is a distant uncle's maiden Biao Shen, early to work in Hong Kong, and finally obtain residency,http://www.cacenglish.com/index.php?item/create_form/1, then settled in Hong Kong to receive government pensions life, because life hardships never married,peuterey sito ufficiale, has 83 years old. Because the body is getting worse, while the Hong Kong government pension provision should be settled more than six months each year in Hong Kong, Wu addition to six months each year living in the harbor, the rest of the time to return home in Sanshui, living together with nephews, dependent on their care.

December 2007, the woman who wants to see them Biao Shen moved to Hong Kong, a hope that someone care, they just match up. So met less than two months, both in Hong Kong received a marriage certificate, a common living together.

Despise her husband, a few days after the escape

The marriage did not go smoothly. After the first two days, Song can tolerate her husband a look of age spots and a pair of old body, but life for a few days, she would find it too, and want to escape, and began looking for an excuse to escape, her husband's daily diet is also turning a blind eye. Wu have opinions on this, but not too much to pursue.

Let Wu did not think that his wife later intensified, and development to come back to him, but also dodging him, and see people,scarpe hogan scontate, do not even answer the phone from Hong Kong. In March 2009,scarpe hogan da donna-prezzi, under Wu huff to the wife does not take care of him,http://mellorin.com, not entirely to his wife duties, citing his wife sued the Sanshui court for a divorce with his wife.

Song after respondent received notice of the Court, aware of the seriousness of the matter. She does not want to settle in Hong Kong in order to eat dirt to marry a person can do his own grandfather,woolrich outlet, in the end a sieve, then quickly apply for a visa to Hong Kong to accompany her husband to his apology.

See his wife returned to his side,http://bbs.olilla.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=19608, there is also a hint of fantasy Wu heart, lower gas consumption and wife and good, to the court to withdraw the prosecution. Can not long before his wife happened again, but not him, and indifferent.

Shattered dreams, working hard and making divorce 2 years

December 2009,parajumpers jakke, Wu for marriage despair. He filed for divorce again Sanshui court proceedings, saying that his wife and he did not emotional, and he married the sole purpose of applying to settle in Hong Kong, usually only do not care for his life, but also having an illicit relationship with other men.

Court, Song Moujian never agree to a divorce. She said that he and Wu married purpose is to settle in Hong Kong,air jordan 6 pas cher, and Wu also know when to get married, she did not hide, and now finally boil for two years, leaving only a year, not white boil.

Subsequently,woolrich donna, the court has repeatedly mediation between the parties, but his wife Wu has been completely disappointed,http://goobike.com/cgi-bin/search/zaiko_bike.cgi, and the good life and death do not agree. Court that, Song and Wu was introduced shortly after the registration of marriage, marriage problems because the two sides failed to live year-round living together, plus Wu older,hogan interactive, the two sides failed to establish certain couples, leading to Wu After a year of marriage, twice to the court for divorce.

Given the first prosecution, the parties and the good, the marital relationship has not improved, still feeling weak, and a complete breakdown. Recently,http://www.ma.ccnw.ne.jp/deai/asobi/bbs2/joyful.cgi, Sanshui court ruling to allow divorce. After the verdict,tiffany outlet,http://zumin.net/cgi-install/demo/zguest1/zguest1.cgi, the two sides did not appeal.

Passionless marriage period thus ended.



Boil for three years to settle in Hong Kong

Song: Wu was to see an old man,moncler piumini, not willing to marry,woolrich donna, but think you can settle in Hong Kong after three years (the law of Hong Kong, Hong Kong residents and non-residents married for three years,scarpe hogan outlet, you can obtain residency in Hong Kong), realize their dream for many years, with more than six months a year Wu need to live in Hong Kong for three years will soon be over boil a boil, after considering agreed.


Someone to take care cost

Wu: my heart is clear, Song consent to the marriage,moncler milano, not out of love,abercrombie outlet, but in order to obtain residency in Hong Kong. Own old and feeble,scarpe hogan, the need for a woman to take care of, if within three years, the Song can greetings in the side, but also pieces of a good deal of things,woolrich sito ufficiale, so it is readily accepted.