but also reduce the annual ticket price

"Since the Nanjing Yangtze River Tunnel was opened to traffic, the majority of the passing vehicles can pay by chapter,http://cutyayu.sakura.ne.jp/cabbs/sunbbs.cgi?mode=form&no=111&page=%3C,woolrich donna, but recently evasion vehicle checkpoints are more and more,louboutin homme, starting with a dozen a day, and now more than 100 vehicles a day,http://422.gsd.harvard.edu/icb/icb.do?keyword=k96372&pageid=icb.page606767&pagecontentid=icb.pagecontent1334583&view=isitestool.cgi, up to a day 130,basket nike tn homme, mostly in the taxi. "Yesterday morning,http://slayers.s55.xrea.com/x/harbot_town/kboard.cgi?hpc=10&mode=none, reporters at the Nanjing Yangtze River tunnel control center to see in just one hour had two taxis pass through evasion and over. In response to this phenomenon,prezzi hogan, the tunnel Poxian helpless, and now they have established a blacklist, "evasion charges again if the vehicle blacklist mouth filled before we make it."

Jiangbei checkpoints mostly taxi

According to the data of the Yangtze River tunnel control center provided,moncler uomo outlet, the current pass through the evasion is the most Nanjing Jiangbei taxi licenses, there is a maximum of 130 taxi evasion day. Reporters saw yesterday in the control room, video surveillance, a Soviet ABF006 private cars entering the charging station to make payments, the back of a taxi Su A76169 followed immediately enter the toll road, wait until finished car to pay fees, which The car immediately followed by a pass through the toll station to flee. "Because of evasion, and therefore we lose one day of 1000 ~ 2000 yuan."

Currently, the fee for the escape behavior of the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, the Yangtze River Bridge toll booths have been installed at "breaking child", if there is a clear evasion van tendency to start breaking child will then punctured tire,peuterey outlet, stopped car. However, there is no installation tunnel,parajumpers femme, "Replacing a broken tire is going to two or three million,tn pas cher, the cost is too high." The company currently has established tunnel evasion blacklist vehicle once appeared to be the next "arrest" will allow owners to fill Qi all costs. "But sometimes it is very difficult,http://data-red.com/cgi-bin/categorias.cgi, and once a blacklist of vehicles stopped at the toll crossing, we charge your squad past owners padded expense,scarpe hogan donne prezzi, did not expect the car suddenly started charging us with the squad down to the ground."

Taxi: Round 20 yuan is too expensive

"Normal soliciting,http://www13.plala.or.jp/gakuki3/cgi_bin/aska/aska.cgi, are the guests give money,woolrich sito ufficiale, so it will not insist forcing general." Yangtze River Tunnel toll station before being accepted a waiting taxi driver told reporters, according to the regulations,chaussures tn pas cher, a taxi through the bridge toll station , tolls paid by passengers, taxi drivers do not need to pay any fees. The reason that there will be a taxi checkpoints frequently escape charges because a lot of taxis to and from South Jiangbei fixed line operators,woolrich sito ufficiale, they generally do not hit the table,scarpe hogan, but the total price agreed upon in advance with the guests,hollister soldes, who successfully pass through the toll booths at the time, is equal to earn ten dollars for himself. "Now the oil money and expensive,piumino moncler, high activists money,woolrich prezzi, do a few times a day the business is not easy,http://cgi.tako.ne.jp/~friends/bbs3/light.cgi?res=738, you say if you do not pass through, a return is necessary to pay 20 yuan. In fact, I thought that, in respect of the Yangtze River Tunnel for free."

Prepare dinner Management Office with the investigation

In fact,chaussures nike pas cher,http://maillists.freead.com.au/cgi-bin/mojo.cgi, since the opening of the Yangtze River Tunnel, the voice of free passage on constantly. Late last year, small car tunnel tolls 15 yuan dropped to 10 yuan this year, but also reduce the annual ticket price, are more long-term in order to facilitate travel between the north and south of the Yangtze owners. Yangtze River Tunnel company official told reporters: "We have repeatedly urged the municipal government demands,http://www.crive.net/cgi-bin/yybbs.cgi/yybbs.cgi?mode=msg_del/mailto:%3Ca, asking for free,hogan sito ufficiale, but the government finances could not dig so much money to pay off debts,piumino moncler outlet, maintenance tunnel is now operating at an annual fee of about 1:00 a few. million, but a loss of about 2 million. "Right now,giubbotti woolrich, the tunnel company can do is to prepare dinner at the mating pipe to taxi on the blacklist were to assist the investigation.

Yangzi Evening News reporter Dan Xiaolei