Southern News reporter Cai Huang Hailin Henan woman tricked into Huizhou MLM,nike tn, after the lower corner Shou Lu Hui District a rental jumped to his death, because of its on-line involving illegal detention, Zhang was arrested. Yesterday morning, Hui District People's Court held a public hearing the case. Zhang said he is also a victim, she and Cai are normal when a classmate was read,piumini moncler, and the sales organization of the "parent" Qianmou lying to. Court did not in court for sentencing verdict.

Zhang is Huaiyang County, Henan Province, 27-year-old, before the incident in his hometown as a kindergarten teacher. Yesterday the trial, Zhang's parents, boyfriend, who came from afar to attend from my hometown in Henan. When Zhang was taken to court, see long-lost relatives, Zhang and his parents were shed tears.

Hui District Procuratorate charged that Zhang in July 2007 in Huizhou City to join an illegal pyramid organization, the gang requires development of offline fraud gang members joining fee, new enrollment staff must pay 4000 yuan per person, each of which Zhang fraud A person can get 580 yuan commission membership. July 29, 2007,peuterey outlet, Zhang called his former classmates Cai,moncler outlet, pretended electronics company personnel manager,parajumpers gobi, called Cai to come to work in Huizhou,woolrich uomo outlet, Guangdong province. July 31, after Cai to Huizhou,louboutin soldes, Zhang Hui District to bring it to the lower corner of the fifth floor of Shoushan Road, a rental property, to the sales organization of "parent" Qianmou et al.

Upon arrival the victim Cai dens,tiffany gioielli, he incurs Qianmou,spaccio moncler, who will take away the phone and other items,spaccio woolrich, which are not allowed contact with the outside world. August 3, 2007 at 2 pm,basket nike requin, Cai deaths jumped from the fifth floor of the dens. About a week later, Zhang from the sales organization manager at that Cai has jumped to death, that left Huaiyang County, Henan Province, Huizhou back home.

After the incident, the police issued Xiechatongbao Huizhou. October 3, 2010, Huizhou police went to Henan, will assist the local police arrested Zhang after the alleged crime of illegal detention to criminal detention. 2 November the same year, Zhang was approved the arrest.

Trial focus

Procuratorate: Alleged organization,woolrich donna, leadership pyramid schemes crime

Zhang joined the organization after an illegal pyramid scheme,, for the development of the assembly line, the victim Cai lying to Huizhou, then jumped Cai lead to serious consequences and death from the fifth floor dens altitude. According to the criminal case acceptance, filing materials,, witness testimony, site survey record, the defendant confessed, etc., Zhang ignore state laws, organizing,,hogan donne 2013, leading illegal activities, disrupt economic and social order,hogan outlet, criminal facts are clear, the evidence is reliable and sufficient,basket nike pas cher, which shall be to organize leading MLM activities held criminally responsible.

The defense attorney: The defendant is also a victim

Evidence shows that the defendant Zhang illegal pyramid scheme in accordance with the organization "parents" and others Qianmou arrangements, lured the victim Cai Huizhou. Case, uniquely associated with the victim Cai Zhang,, according to Zhang Cai telephone number is provided to fool Qianmou Huizhou. If Zhang Cai shall be liable for accidental death, then, is the moral responsibility, not the responsibility of the law. The judiciary is needed is a real killer to justice Qianmou etc., instead of letting the one hand,,piumini moncler, the real killer at large, on the other hand the various responsibilities clearly unreasonable to impose the same body as the victim Zhang.

Zhang confessed:

I just developed Cai

I and Cai, Qianmou trio is normal when a classmate read,, Qianmou squad. July 2007, Qianmou pulled me into MLM. Over a week later, the money to teach me to pull money off the assembly line,louboutin pas cher,, said the development of a person can get 580 yuan commission membership, and give me a number and told me to call Cai Huai division students, she also participated in MLM lie. Cai to Huizhou,peuterey outlet milano, I received Cai. The next day,woolrich outlet, Qianmou took me to another place, since then, I have not met with Cai. MLM time I attended only two months,tn requin pas cher,, at the instigation of Qianmou only developed a downline that Cai.