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Come out of one million yuan of "pie",, just to be you catch, how would you do? These days, there is such a group of people in Zhengzhou luck on his bank debit card had been dumped 100 million. However, the transfer of money who it was, so far,moncler uomo outlet, do not know. This sudden one million, is a lot to spend or refund the owner? Zhengzhou, the public will choose a penny a lot of money to be refunded to the owner.

Heart is good,piumini moncler, action is positive, but the process of looking for the owner is not so easy. This does not, poking around looking for a few days,moncler pas cher, the owner is not found froze. This can be supposed to do? Now, this thing can be considered the lucky people began to worry guilty ......

Strange: on account suddenly out of 1 million yuan

July 14, Zhengzhou City, a company manager Wang SHINY led several of his employees to Qingdao vacation. July 15, when the king SHINY and staff at the beach to play,hogan uomo outlet, received a "95599" sent a message on his cell phone.

"Your account number ending ×××× in at 14:43 on July 15 to complete the dump transaction amount 1,hogan interactive,000,000.00. Balances 1,000,tn requin pas cher,776.8. Agricultural Bank of China." Such is displayed on the king SHINY phone.

"On account of the balance of the original I was 776.8 yuan, more exactly on account of 100 million. We are doing business, just received this SMS alerts, thought it was our major clients exchange over the payment of it,hollister soldes, not too care. But then nobody has called me,jordan pas cher, I find it strange. "Wang talk about the hundred, according to past practice, when their big customers to exchange large amounts of money he finished, the general will give him a call to confirm.

"Wang discovery wrong,hogan outlet italia, hurried to greet our staff to contact our major clients, check exactly who the money is." SHINY Wang Xiao Zhao said the company's employees, all of them with large customers to contact it again, say it money is not theirs.

"It's money in the end who is? In case someone else made a mistake,hogan scontate, people certainly anxious." Wang talk about the hundred,hogan uomo, July 15,, he and his staff early in the week ended Qingdao travel plans, the night went to Zhengzhou. Two days ago, they went to Zhengzhou, the non-stop access to an ABC network GuanChengOu query.

Query: large sums of money from Zhejiang Taizhou

"When I go to that network query,sito ufficiale moncler outlet, I let the bank money to help me look up from where." Wang hundred chao inquiry after bank staff said the money from the "Luqiao Branch of Agricultural Bank of China." He went back informed, Luqiao in Taizhou, Zhejiang.

Zhao said, "Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Taizhou Luqiao" This information is available to them only bank information,hogan interactive, according to this information, they found a branch of the Agricultural Bank of Luqiao phone, "We played a lot of times, but it has been not contact the people over there. "

"We speculate that the money is likely to be there for people in Zhejiang wrong turn when the transfer accounts," Talk about the king of a hundred.

Frustration: "pie" has become a trouble

"1000000 ah, not a small number. Is not our money, we could not find the owner anxious,peuterey outlet,, imagine the owner will be more anxious! But has not found the owner,hogan interactive,, I am also very worried." Wang talk about the hundred.

Wang Chao says one hundred,jordan homme pas cher, the day before yesterday morning, he had made two trips to the city with a tube ABC network query, the network said the bank can not be a similar error. As he explained in detail to the network situation, a person in charge of the network suggested that he police.

Soon, according to a report to the king of a hundred police in Zhengzhou.

West Street, Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau police station duty police told reporters,nike air max femme, after the receipt of the alarm,, the director personally led the investigation in the past, but this is not the nature of the fraud,, they warp branch referrals, such incidents constitute both a criminal case also constitute economic cases, can not be placed on file. Therefore,, this matter,hogan 2014, the police can not help, "he also needs to help individuals or through your media."

Yesterday afternoon, Wang SHINY again call the newspaper said, the man pointing, yesterday morning, he went to his Bank (Agricultural Bank of China branch in Zhengzhou City Goldwater) query.

Bank of the query result is that the money is from the Agricultural Bank branch Taizhou Luqiao Street Mall branch dump him, but detailed information dump people, the bank did not provide an account on.

Based on this information, yesterday morning, the telephone call to the king SHINY Luqiao Taizhou, Zhejiang Branch of the Agricultural Bank Street Mall branch consulting staff to answer is: "We will not make such a mistake, the account information of July 15 did not French investigation, leadership is not in ...... "Yesterday afternoon, Wang SHINY repeatedly dial the telephone branch, has been able to get through.

Wang hundred Chao says it can not, then he is ready to go around these days, such as when you go on a business trip in Taizhou, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, "try it again,piumini moncler, we can not be ignorant of this money, we can not lose spade Henan people's face."

Lawyer: "unjust enrichment" can not move

In this regard, Li Riverside Henan Guoji Law Office said that the money be lost property of others, for those who are picked unjust enrichment, shall be returned to the owner. If picked up by the money spent,moncler outlet, or when you do not want to go back to its owner to (or can not afford to return), these acts constitute the embezzlement.

He suggested that, in the case could not find the owner, and can pick up the money turned over to police or seek help notary department for help. Z