30 on the 9th Xu

[Wenzhou Network • Original report] the movie "Home Alone" kid in the bus drove through the streets of the lens,nike tn, people really sweat. April 9 in the evening, the streets of Yueqing Hongqiao has staged reality version of "Home Alone" lens, a rural and urban bus bound for shilly from Hongqiao Yueqing,peuterey outlet, collided with a van on the way happen. Monitoring shows that driving was actually a little boy wearing a school uniform, suspected of pupils.

Bus crashed into the van to escape like unmanned?

At 23:30 on the 9th Xu, Hongqiao traffic police squadron received a report that the revitalization of the town in Hongqiao Road Tiffany door, after a bus collided with a van to escape.

Hwang van driver said: "I was parked at Tiffany's door,woolrich outlet, sit inside and drink their own milk,piumini woolrich, suddenly saw a bus drove over shilly YY hit his car,http://kusosurevipper.blomaga.jp/articles/19192.html,woolrich milano, I think the bus driver to drink a drunk. "

Hwang immediately come out,hogan milano, trying to intercept the bus,http://www.sqlcourse.com/cgi-bin/interpreter.cgi,spaccio moncler, and to allow the driver to open the door. After a few seconds, turn off the bus, started up again and drove off. Hwang said he was not even the bus drivers are not seen,hogan italia, like unmanned general

Bus drivers report: the car parked on the roadside lost

April 10 at 5:00 pm,http://events.ucr.edu/cgi-bin/display.cgi,outlet moncler, the bus driver Dumou after getting ready to drive, found parked beside the road Shifan bus was gone, then immediately called the police.

After visiting police investigation,louboutin femme, Qi River in the village of Shifan a car 4S shop door found a car bus,peuterey donna,http://www.carmel.com, car license for the Zhejiang CEXXXX, Yueqing Hongqiao urban and rural bus to bus. At the time,chaussures tn pas cher, the vehicle is horizontal in 104 national highway, hit the front of a pile of stones,scarpe hogan uomo saldi, the bumper has been dented.

The scene found the bus on the right side rearview mirror car has been damaged,moncler donna, broken parts are hanging in the front,woolrich parka, the front windshield also been broken.

Monitor display: On the bus was a little boy wearing a school uniform

Traffic police department immediately investigated by the bayonet monitor found last night 23:51 Xu,piumini moncler,http://www.eastcom.ne.jp/~meinstern18/bbs/light.cgi, State Road 104 passing car Park Lake bayonet, then speed is 52 yards from the monitoring point of view, a little boy was actually driving . The boy dressed in school uniforms,http://luxdokuo.s237.xrea.com/dokuo/bbs.cgi, looks probably about 12 years old, suspected of a school's students.

According to traffic police,nike tn pas cher, said the little boy drove the bus along the bus route from Yueqing Hongqiao bound,nike tn,http://www.028cn.net/home.php?mod=space&uid=163542, from Yueqing Hongqiao back pocket,abercrombie france, hit the road passes through the stone heap Lake Park came to a halt. Currently,nike tn pas cher,http://www.nch.com.au, the traffic police department to find the boy was in full swing, the case is still under further investigation. The identity of the boy is not a student? He is how to get the bus? Wenzhou network will continue to focus on. (Reporter: Should Zhong Peng Correspondent: Qi Meili)