avoid intensifying the conflict."

Southern Rural News (Reporter Li Shimin) 9 meters, 10 meters deep,bracciale tiffany, still no water, turn the drill is still fierce; 11 m,moncler outlet, surprising scene took place - underground is empty. Unplug drill the moment, 15 cm diameter borehole came whistling in the wind.

Su above scene appeared in Guangdong Zijin County district towns village yellow cloth. "Farmland was taken following the hollowing out of clay!" Message spread like wildfire. Suddenly,woolrich uomo outlet, the whole village boiling. People will spearhead clay mining side - Zijin County Liang clay Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhiliang Company"). August 4, the villagers take the underground hunger strike "invited" to the Zijin County Magistrate site office.

Shot hole drilling underground

In 2006, the company entered the yellow cloth Zhiliang clay mining village. After a few years, the villagers found that mine nearby paddy fields increasingly "could not keep the water."

June 29 this year,louboutin soldes, the villagers invited Zhiliang company specializing in drilling team in the 4th exploration well outside the range of about 20 meters of farmland pumping wells, drilled 10 meters still have not got the water out. July 4, when the drill bit 11 meters deep underground, digging team suddenly felt strange. People remove the drill bit,piumini moncler outlet, a gust of wind from the wellhead spray. The following message farmland was emptied and then quickly spread throughout the village of yellow cloth.

After the incident,peuterey outlet, was emptied and farmland not far away on the 4th company Zhiliang mine ceased operations, the staff evacuated. Zijin county safety supervision departments to produce significant security risks exist Zhiliang company ordered to stop work on the grounds.

Nevertheless, the heart of the concerns of villagers have not been eliminated. "Mine tunnel in the end how long? Dug what position? How much area under the village has been emptied? Houses, farmland is safe?" The villagers threw a relevant question.

July 25, Zijin County Complaints Bureau to petition the villagers responded: "government decided,parka woolrich, in at 17:00 on the 29th of this month forward field pumping until the water drained from the Geological Survey Brigade Prospecting, determine (Zhiliang company. ) is out of bounds (mine). "

Then, on the 4th company Zhiliang mine drainage work began,http://0710xw.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=14957, but the villagers feel somewhat slow pumping speed. August 3 in the afternoon, several villagers yellow cloth village quietly touched the 4th underground wells and found that only one of two pump stations at work. The villagers believe that there is too perfunctory when authorities conducting mine drainage.

August 4 morning, the villagers took part yellow cloth "Give me my house,air jordan femme,http://www.jiese.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=157775&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=7359167, I still farmland" banner came Zhiliang company on the 4th mine mouth. Where more than a dozen villagers into the underground, which means "slow pumping problem is not solved, we hunger strike." Su Li, product Quzhen mayor tried to persuade the villagers well,woolrich prezzi, but the villagers said,woolrich prezzi,http://moodle.ndna.org.uk/login/index.php?item/create_form/1, "Magistrate does not come, we will not go out."

14:00 the same day, Zijin County Magistrate Huang Wenbin rushed to the village of yellow cloth. After obtaining commitments from Magistrate Huang Zhiliang company promised to evaluate the pumping exploration mining activities, the villagers give up the hunger strike, up from underground.

Mining without security clearance

August 10, some yellow cloth villagers told reporters that the company Zhiliang clay mining activities affect their production life, several years ago revealed.

"After 2006, underground mining explosions continue to spread." The villagers told reporters, in October 2006, some villagers stand it had traveled to the mine destruction of production facilities, and other villagers therefore jailed, but the company's mining activities Zhiliang not interrupted. August 10,http://bulai9.com/news/html/?170582.html, the reporter in a family company Zhiliang residential wells near the 4th to see the presence of small cracks in its walls, covered with moss in the cracks. "These cracks have no relationship with the mining activities?" The villagers said.

In March this year, Zijin County Land Bureau commissioned Heyuan City, a mapping company Zhiliang company is located in the village of yellow cloth clay mine to conduct an investigation, which issued a report: "(Zhiliang company on the 4th well) beyond the boundary line of a roadway west of I 50 m, are ancillary works, more than 10 meters away from the veins. "Zijin County Land Bureau, explains that the company Zhiliang roadway on the 4th Road,hogan interactive, although beyond the boundary line 50 meters, but beyond the scope of the part is not mine, nor extend below the villagers' houses . "A few decades ago, someone dug clay in yellow cloth, a village wells penetrated the ground is likely before mining company Zhiliang has been hollowed out." Zijin County Land Bureau official,tiffany outlet, said Aug. 10.

The villagers told the Southern Rural News reporter, Huang Zhiliang company mined clay cloth village has no access to safe production license. In this regard,moncler outlet online, Zijin County Safety Authority responsible August 10, said safety production license issuance to go through three programs: pre-assessment,woolrich outlet online,http://www.wetubu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=149447&fromuid=66833, design review and final acceptance,http://askcoachsteve.com/activity/p/365209/, "Huang Zhiliang company cloth village clay mine safety production license apply for a work program is still in the second line, yet certification. "

The official proposal to give up pumping

At present,moncler outlet, the villagers are still waiting for mine water drained after authorities Zhiliang company mining activities assessed,woolrich parka, but they are still quite critical of the slow pace of pumping. "The following people do not seriously implement the county's instructions." A villager said.

August 10, Su Li,http://www.zoedia.com/jomsocial/index.php?option=com_community&view=profile&userid=82119, product Quzhen mayor told the Southern Rural News reporter,http://bbs.twwowmolten.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=37845, easily lead to geological disasters mine was evacuated after prolonged immersion in water,hogan donne 2013, Heyuan City departments recommended to stop pumping, use the "geophysical" method of mining the scope of the investigation ("geophysical" means petrophysical properties based on the difference, with different physical methods and geophysical instruments, geophysical field measuring changes in project area in order to understand its hydrogeology and engineering geology condition).

Li said product, the biggest difficulty is to persuade the villagers to switch to "geophysical" method of mining the scope of the investigation, "Some time ago the government agreed to pay 320,000 yuan pumping water inside the mine, and a pumping company and villagers hired initialed the agreement, but the other After watching the scene, they worry about the danger to give up. "

Currently,woolrich outlet, Zijin County Land Resources Bureau and Safety Authority still send someone to the next day on the 4th company Zhiliang wellhead supervision pumping. Staff told reporters,hogan prezzi, "The key is doing to the villagers to see,hogan outlet, avoid intensifying the conflict."