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Voices Online News Xiangtan (Hunan Huasheng all media reporter Jianping Chen Sha) August 10 afternoon,woolrich parka,, Xiangtan County Maternal and Child Health Hospital,moncler outlet, surnamed Zhang, in Caesarean section, because of postoperative bleeding died. "We think she is non-normal death, there is a big responsibility to the hospital, if not caught early death, we will not have to hide for so long." The very fact that the family believes that there is a problem in the rescue aspect of the doctor, but the hospital had not been to the family a definitive answer about the reasons to postpone the time of death.

Maternal Death: The bleeding did not take timely and effective measures,spaccio peuterey?

It is understood that the very fact that 27-year-old, at 4:00 on the 9th with the signs of labor,hogan, on the 10th morning with his wife Ms. Zhang's husband, Mr. Liu was admitted to the Xiangtan County Maternal and Child Health Hospital,woolrich outlet, ready to be produced. 11:00, the very fact that the gynecologist to do a series of prenatal care, normal fetal position, but because of the heavier fetus, the doctor suggested that the family do a caesarean section.

Subsequently,abercrombie outlet online, the very fact been promoted on the fifth floor of the operating room. 12:05, operating room nurse told the families, mothers gave birth to the baby.

After the child was holding out nurses,, the very fact that has not been out of the operating room. Half an hour later,scarpe hogan scontate, the nurse has been notified Liu guard outside the operating room, said the situation of maternal bleeding,, need for blood transfusion 600CC, let hurry to sign. Mr. Liu said,moncler sito ufficiale, one hour later,giubbotti woolrich, the nurse informed him again, saying that the situation did not stop the bleeding, to quickly buy its hemostatic, Liu immediately pay to the first floor. Until 15:00,modelli hogan, the hospital invited Li expert consultation and out,,piumini moncler, as if impatient look.

Around 17:00,, a nurse came out notification from the operating room Liu, said maternal bleeding, hysterectomy must now requires Liu signature. Liu listened to my heart cold half, but just think of the wife can survive, how do.

So they had a few hours until 21:00, Liu family heard someone talking about, say mothers had died. Liu so he came up slapping the operating room door, then, out of a man claiming to be acting dean, said the rescue mothers still have a pulse. Liu had to continue waiting anxiously outside.

Until 23:00,tn requin pas cher, according to Liu � live longer, knock again, asking the nurse case, this time, the operating room and no one answered him,piumini outlet, because the operating room,,woolrich bambini, the door was locked, Mr. Liu had to pry open the operating room door. Can go after, Liu saw his incredible scene: his wife lying on the operating table naked, full of blood, his eyes still tears, but can no longer breathing. And this should be in the rescue of doctors and nurses, they all disappeared, room only some unidentified men in eating betel nut,woolrich sito ufficiale, smoking a cigarette.

Family questioned: "The hospital can not shirk its responsibility."

Short half-day,chaussures air max pas cher, Mr. Liu has experienced joy and sorrow are two different worlds, from a father of ecstasy, lost his beloved wife fall into the abyss.

Memories of the whole process, Liu Xiangtan County MCH raised many questions: wife prenatal everything is normal,hogan outlet, why say that after the death of amniotic fluid embolism? How previously did not check out? Postpartum rescue process, why has not talked about? Postpartum hemorrhage rescue process, the patient's condition crisis, why doctors do not issue a notice of dying? 15:00 Why, when called to ask Merlin Town have this man, and said to have died?

Liu most difficult to understand is that after the death of his wife,louboutin homme,, why doctors do not inform their families. "If hospitals strong sense of responsibility that this tragedy could have been avoided." And afterwards, the hospital has not apologized, but repeatedly complained that they have tried to rescue.

Hospital: Now inconvenience briefing

Reflect the true situation of the deceased? August 12 at noon, the reporter went to Ben Xiangtan County MCH, president Hu Liang told reporters on the phone, this time in his own report, the Government has been involved in, the details described inconvenience,, mainly because the patient is the incidence of amniotic fluid embolism more anxious.

Subsequently, the reporter and Xiangtan County Health Department Qiju Zhang get in touch. said the morning of August 11, Xiangtan County, the county health department and other departments have sent to the person in charge about the deceased's family, the hospital and government representatives in tripartite consultations leaves hotel Xiangtan County,louboutin soldes, but the two sides did not reach an agreement.

Currently,hogan outlet, the hospital and the families of the deceased were still ongoing consultations on the issue of compensation.

(Original title: Xiangtan mothers died in hospital operating table disappeared, said doctors and nurses tried their best)