Too subvert the children will be afraid

But recently circulated on the Internet with another tragic ending ugly duckling - has become the dishes on the menu. July 14, users lemurben issued on Sina Weibo, entitled "an ugly duckling of the tragedy" microblogging, tells the ugly duckling story was cooked and ate, sparked heated debate.

Many parents of young children tucao Nanjing, such "black fairy tale ending" too bloody, it will hurt the hearts of young children. But Yangzi Evening News reporter interviewed experts say that: do not be too surprised, classic fairy tales speak of a "good", revealing a dark fairy tale is "adult mentality",woolrich uomo outlet, to accept the child to see is a cognitive.

Yangzi Evening News reporter Xie Yao Cai Yunqi

Such a "fairy tale" Have you heard it?

"An ugly duckling of the tragedy," the original (Lite)

Duck Duck family has a highly respected professor. One day, Professor duck standing on the podium about the ugly duckling into a swan story. Home,giubbotti moncler, ducklings began a heated discussion,, only an ugly duckling in wrestling. Mother duck came to ask him how the matter, "I was a swan!" He said.

Mother duck was shocked, "You're a duck, this is your father can testify!" But the ugly duckling convinced that he is the swan, he ran away from home to this end.

Ugly Duckling came to live down a river. That day, he fell asleep, caught a fat woman.

Home, the woman hands Jae Duck, Duck mad struggle, still mad shouting: "! Do not do this, I swan" What woman did not understand, she just pressing him hard, and finally put him kill, "This is my duck slaughter had the most formidable one." The woman with her good cooking techniques, the duckling turned into a one cuisine.

Appendix: Other classic fairy tale was adapted

"Sleeping Beauty": The Princess was not the prince wake, but turned into a wicked witch revenge.

"Cinderella": Cinderella encounter became a prince of the stake were buried.

"Aladdin": Aladdin's lamp to betray a friend.

Microblogging Publisher: "ugly duckling becomes a duck so astonishing"

Yesterday, the Yangzi Evening News reporter also telephone interview to the originally released on the microblogging "ugly duckling becomes a duck," the Beijing netizen "lemurben" Tang. Tang has been close to 30 years of age,hollister soldes, there are no children, but talk about "an ugly duckling of the tragedy", he is still one after another that they can not make contact with these children's stories.

According to "lemurben" introduction,parajumpers, he was on the 14th of this month to play with friends Early Learning Center opened, accidentally discovered "an ugly duckling of the tragedy". Friends of the Early Learning Center has a lot of colorful children's books, he readily picked up to read. When the turn "ugly duckling of a tragedy," he said he was shocked,, "the story rewritten too bad, can literally destroy three concept to describe. Later, users also found the article typos." Yangzi Evening News Reporters found that the original network of heat transfer the article, there is an error opening the first sentence. Respected "heavy" was written in the "public."

"Lemurben" said he felt "an ugly duckling of the tragedy" is a dream of strangling,woolrich sito ufficiale, so it made to it, I did not expect such a big concern.

Yangzi Evening visits


Nanjing two bookstores, "Tragedy Duck" has been sold out

It is said that Morning Glory Press, published in January of this year, "Chinese classic fairy tale" in a collection of "an ugly duckling of the tragedy." The initial release of microblogging users "lemurben" Yangzi Evening News, told reporters that he was called a "happy baby pillow good story: A little story inspired" found "an ugly duckling of the tragedy", this book is Shanghai Popular Science Publishing House.

Well, there is a children's book market in Nanjing do not have these books? Yesterday, the Yangzi Evening News reporter visited several bookstores xinjiekou.

In this several bookstore shelves, Yangzi Evening News reporter did not find the "ugly duckling of a tragedy." But then, the Yangtze Evening News reporter in a retrieval system bookstore surprised to inquire into, which is priced at 16.8 yuan, "China classic fairy tale" has three inventory. Why is this so? Sales staff said the book may have been sold, the system has not been updated. Yangzi Evening News reporter noted, "Chinese classic fairy tale" belongs Zhaohua Publishing House "primary growth reading books" series one. The series also includes "foreign classic story", "China myth" and other books, a total of nine works.

In addition, a bookstore chain Xinjiekou,tn chaussures, five stocks, "Chinese classic fairy tale" also shows have all been sold.

"Tragedy Duck" audio version is also available for purchase online heat transfer

Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, in fact, Zhaohua version of "Chinese classic fairy tale" and the Shanghai Science and popular version of "Happy Baby pillow good story: A little story inspired" in online sales. For example, in the name of a book-selling site,moncler bambino outlet, Zhaohua version of "Chinese classic fairy tale" The price is 14.78 yuan,,woolrich roma, inventory shows only one remaining.

In addition,, a well-known shopping site,, Yangzi Evening News reporter also found a "Chinese classic fairy tale" figure, price is only 11.6 yuan. In the book directory, "an ugly duckling of the tragedy" impressively.

In addition to books included "an ugly duckling of the tragedy",, but in fact, this article on the web there is a longer version. In one of the words for "Children's Resources" website, the "children's literature" column on a collection of "an ugly duckling of the tragedy", but did not the original source and author.

In addition, "an ugly duckling of the tragedy," the audio version also heat transfer network. Yangzi Evening News correspondent search found Tudou friends "Cat listen novel" in June 2009 on the forwarding of the "ugly duckling of a tragedy,chaussures nike pas cher," the audio version. By the evening of 16,giubbini moncler outlet, the number of plays up to 4053 times.

Kids say


Such an outcome,,spaccio woolrich, I do not listen

Fairy tales were changed, the small audience is react? Yangzi Evening News reporter yesterday investigating a dozen children of different ages, most of the children heard the tradition of the classic fairy tale. Sleeping Beauty into a witch, in addition to two high school boys that does not matter,woolrich sito ufficiale, the rest of the children have said can not accept, "Sleeping Beauty is good, does not want her to become bad."

Lele 5 years old

Sleeping Witch of deterioration?

5-year-old boy Lele is a big fan of fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. "If Sleeping Beauty into a witch, and how?" The reporter asked. Lele small mouths,abercrombie pas cher, "?? Ah how could this be," he said with indignation: "This story is not good, witch is bad."

Chen Feiyu sophomore

This story is horrible

Now mechanics school sophomore Chen Feiyu children bluntly: "This story is horrible,woolrich roma, I do not like," said Chen Feiyu, he still likes their usual read those fairy tales.

Johnson is pleased to fifth grade

Some of it is still a beautiful fairy tale

In the tour Fuxi village elementary school fifth grade children quite pleased own views. She said that change would make the fairy tale ending fairy tale itself becomes less fascinating, kids may lose interest in it.

Nanjing Parents

Too subvert the children will be afraid

So, parents are willing to listen to the children of this subversive fairy tale it? Yesterday,giubbotti woolrich, the Yangzi Evening News reporter also interviewed a number of parents. Found the baby's parents are particularly note that generally do not let the children come into contact with such a "dark" fairy tale.

2-year-old boy's mother:

Determined not to listen to the children

Like to use the "story pocket listen," Ms. Mu Nanjing phone software to listen to the story of his son, said he downloaded the "tragedy of an ugly duckling," "too subversive, and can not accept!" She said, but fortunately their first listened to it again,moncler spaccio online, determined not to listen to the children.

Nursery baby's mother:

Children underestimated the fear

"For kids will be scared of him,giubbotti moncler, nightmares at night." Children on Taipan for Yangzi Evening News reporter Wang said that this fairy tale humor may seem, in fact, is a classic of a destructive, especially for Younger children will be misleading. Those bloody ending,, let the children feel scared.

Pupils' parents:

Bigger look at it anyway

A primary dad told the Yangtze Evening News reporter, the negative image of the traditional fairy tale witches, bandits and other frequent, usually just always triumphed over evil, the children passed the positive philosophy. Black fairy tale ending to tell black kids sometimes the outcome is not so perfect, "Look at it anyway."


Tell your child should not be conceited

Morning Glory Press reporter contacted the responsible person. He explained that the book's author is not writing all the stories of people, but is responsible for coordinating the entire book publishing people. This book is the link between culture and edited excerpt companies, publishers will eventually review these words, the child will not grow up negative stories appear in the book.

An ugly duckling of the tragedy "is to tell the child,basket air max pas cher, the ugly duckling arrogant, do not listen to advice, out on my own, fall into a housewife's mouth. The book is for kids, and they have their own understanding, there is no need for children to instill the idea of an adult.

Nanjing Expert:

Can accept children also look OK

Yin Fei teacher Nanjing Normal University believes that this fairy tale embodies an "adult mentality" is written for adults to see the fairy tale, often with distinctive features: realistic,woolrich outlet, pragmatic, the outcome is not so good.

He also suggested that children can not accept such a fairy tale,woolrich sito ufficiale, is the age-phased. In the process of growing, adult truth will metaphorical way into fairy inside, the child will come to realize that the world is diverse. When they realize that reality is not beautiful, their hearts "good" will lead them to social transformation.