they said go to prison

It is difficult to imagine a person in prison has done, to come to his trial. Kunming Tao Yunjiang case is the case. 17 years ago, he was sentenced for fraud, filed an appeal, the appeal did not expect to go down the drain. Prison after serving seven years, Tao Yunjiang four petitions, only pay attention to the case. Kunming Intermediate People's Court public response: the petition because the Kunming Intermediate People's Court handed clerking not timely turnovers.

And yet 10 years later, his case after several trial and trial, still no results. Two days ago, the Kunming Intermediate People's Court held a pre-trial conference in the case of second instance, but because Tao Yunjiang very emotional meeting nothing. Both eager to court, and the exclusion hearing,, which is kind of a contradiction?

After hearing that day, we arrived at the home district of Kunming happy home. More than 30 levels of a low-rent housing, is appealing his years come a little return. This is small, really neat living room, occupied huge wooden box, which is his safe, which put all case materials, tightly locked door with two small lock.

Tao Yunjiang very talkative, emotional ups and downs, excited, will knock the table to hit the bench, quiet time,, will look in your eyes seriously speaking, very friendly.

Conversation lasted four hours. The contradiction is revealed in , he scolded some judges, they think they can be forgiven. He hated the very people and then forget to turn in the complaint, "then hit their own people," they feel they are involuntarily. He complained Guanguanxianghu, social injustice, but also believe. "Term is not, the next stage will always be good." Contradictions behind the extreme, the reporter saw that in 17 years, "ants life" behind a tangled and broken heart.

"Prison are still called me over to sit defendant"

16 years later, Tao Yunjiang case last year in Kunming Intermediate People's Court of second instance court. The trial,Peuterey Milano, Tao Yunjiang emotional,scarpe hogan donna, several out of control, said his innocence. Even with the judge cried, the presiding judge adjourned the trial helpless. Yesterday after a year,woolrich uomo, the court held a pretrial conference to communicate again, Tao Yunjiang still emotional.

Yunnan Information Daily (hereinafter referred to as cloud letter): Each hearing, you're feeling a little excited, and why?

Tao Yunjiang: losing control, take over the prison are still called me a defendant, really funny. This is not a criminal case, no criminal defendant, not criminals.

Cloud letter: Before Guandu Court retrial, but also because you have heard several adjournments emotional, so instead of dragging harm to yourself?

Tao Yunjiang: are excited every time they speak shall not be treated as criminals treat me directly! Have come to take over the prison judge me, you said that reasonable? !

Cloud letter: Do you think it is not being respected?

Taoyun Jiang: I started attitude is very good,moncler sito ufficiale, and I determined to resist the temptation of emotions. But they said I was a criminal, that I am not satisfied with the trial. I can not excited? Tao Yunjiang mouthful sentence to borrow money Taoyun Jiang Tao Yunjiang fetched, but all the signatures are on these materials unit, signing all unit leaders, how even in my place? These are the evidence, which needs to confront the outset that the court finds that, I also what quality?

Cloud letter: how you think we should call you?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes retrial of appeal, the appellant can only be called at this stage.

Cloud letter: Why call so concerned about?

Taoyun Jiang: This is the case in the trial, to neglect it?

Cloud letter: after someone called you out laborers it?

Tao Yunjiang: call, a lot of people called. Then I carry the company's inscribed prove who gave him a call, I did not Sike seal, the company is making. They look, it becomes a ghost called me wrong, Cooler.

Cloud letter: that is, you're not accustomed to "laborers" this call?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes, never used to, because I've always said I was innocent.

Cloud letter: retrial retrial verdict, ruling on the books are not written on the petition lose this experience?

Tao Yunjiang: No, how could they write to you! I asked them to write, they do not write. I also requested that the petition in 1997, brought it to me to read, they just say "clerk lost" trouble.

Cloud letter: What do you think should be on how to deal with your case?

Taoyun Jiang: Since they admit wrong, should be directly commuted, not drag so many years. Even start retrial procedures that direct contracting on the line,tiffany outlet, why remand? In fact, I do not blame them judge (soft tone down), leading them so sentenced, so they can not judge it?

Cloud letter: until now there is no one with you apologize?

Tao Yunjiang: apology did not say. Just come home court, Politics and Law Committee, sent a point rice and oil, to appease the work done.

"If you are so played people, dead you will not forget."

It is alleged that in the name of a small whistle Taoyun Jiang allegedly construction management company, Sike seal, signed Kaiyuan develop a transformation of the old agreement, and this agreement with a cement plant and a number of resources to defraud more than 40 million units. In addition to the confessions of the public security organs, the Tao Yunjiang has denied the allegations, and stressed that he was torture.

Cloud letter: Your petition is to write?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes. So many years, I have studied the case, checked a lot of evidence.

Cloud letter: you all these years has been very professional in the law?

Taoyun Jiang: I used to learn the law. After I graduated from school in Kunming Machine Tool Factory mechanic, assigned to five plants for sodium turner, is to use the rasp to play flash. I sign up in the factory, was admitted to the Department of Justice's TV classes,scarpe hogan, law school for two years. Otherwise I would not wore them the whole day, I wore them the whole did not know the benefits, but no way,moncler outlet, even if I do not know, but I know, I can not stand it.

Cloud letter: do legal work you have done,woolrich uomo?

Taoyun Jiang: This is a long story. While I contact someone else scattered cases, while odd jobs. Chongde Yang met later on, at a brother, sworn. 1994 I officially to his company as the manager, his wife also went to him to make satisfied.

Cloud letter: You are in Luo caught? There are signs of it before?

Taoyun Jiang: There is no sign that, until that thing is just what the company owed, civil on.

Cloud letter: even your wife was also made of the prosecution witnesses?

Tao Yunjiang: She was forced to. I was arrested, she went to Luo to help me get a small post office in the executive order business, we are township enterprises,outlet hogan originali, implementation of the contract to be enterprise run out to prove. That is, the government has a proven, it can not say I Sike seal.

Cloud letter: she is taken to prove it?

Taoyun Jiang: Then I squatted on the police station every day, and so my wife the news, not left to right, etc., etc. do not come. Wang did not think that the police took my wife's testimony came and said you do not wait, your wife move, you do not tell. I saw the testimony, and asked: engraving leadership has not been agreed to, she replied without. Bad, I know that she must have been hit.

Cloud letter: Do you believe that she will not betray you?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes, I believe her. She took great little daughter in July and August in a friend's house, to go to court to pay his own material, he first entered the court arrested by police. She certainly anxious to go out, and I lost myself have been hit, not to mention lesbians.

Cloud letter: Why do you judge she was hit?

Tao Yunjiang: she, like me, stubborn temper, do not fight so she will not say.

Cloud letter: You have been emphasizing torture you been?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes, in the police station, a small post office upstairs to the first right-hand side. If you are such people played dead you will not forget! That steel folding stool, all of a sudden knock on my neck (said as he gestures). Kicked my waist from behind, so I knelt on the ground. Let me hanging hands, has been hanging, day or night, sometimes under the ass to let you plug the stool you sit sleep about.

Cloud letter: behind you "trick" it?

Taoyun Jiang: They asked me to chase what tools are committing crimes? What are the tools of crime? I beat it on casually said rasp, "rasp engraved seal" on confessions that way. But you think about it, so blunt rasp can carve seal it? (Pick up the table to reporters rasp moment). Finally, by a fingerprint, really do not press die.

Cloud letter: Then when you're sitting estoppel up?

Taoyun Jiang: I prequalification Public Security Bureau on the estoppel. There was a young man graduated from the Southwest Political Science talk to me, this person has a conscience,hogan 2014, the key message to me truthfully recorded.

"Are not the second trial, ye go to prison."

July 1997, Guandu District Court sentenced Tao Yunjiang 10 years in prison. received a verdict in the detention center the next day, wrote a petition and asked the police to submit. Since then, the appeal shaped like down the drain, he was thrown into prison until 2004, released from prison.

Cloud Letter: When to get the verdict?

Tao Yunjiang: August 27, 1997, in the Guandu District Detention Center received.

Cloud letter: You write a complaint the next day?

Taoyun Jiang: the next day to write, I borrowed a pen and paper with the discipline to write.

Cloud letter: behind no second instance, when you are go to prison, you did not tell the police?

Taoyun Jiang: I said, a notice out, I kept, with the discipline to say, are not the second trial, the verdict did not take it, Zage went to prison? They did not know.

Cloud letter: notice posted long after being transferred to prison?

Tao Yunjiang: a few days.

Cloud letter: You did not resist?

Tao Yunjiang: Zage dared argue ah? Let out of it came out, so the car it on the car.

Cloud letter: that you had already accepted the results?

Taoyun Jiang: no, the car I told them my situation, they said go to prison, will help me to reflect upward.

Cloud letter: Then help reflect it?

Tao Yunjiang: helped. Later to Xiaolongtan prison, that Zhang discipline particularly good. I went on to write a letter of complaint and asked him to send out. Left, also no news, no news right, also, I asked him to help me in the end you have to pay up, he said I did pay, you believe me.

Cloud letter: behind you been writing letter of complaint?

Tao Yunjiang:'ve been writing,moncler uomo, letter of complaint, petition, reflected a variety of materials are written. Care over discipline, care had released from prison inmates. Various organs of the central and local, have brought.

Cloud letter: there has been no result?

Tao Yunjiang: No, came to nothing. Started pestering discipline often asked whether or not I reply, then more often do not hold out hope.

Cloud letter: how has been insisting to write?

Taoyun Jiang: I have in mind an account, so I went out to find the company seal inscribed proven enterprise run by Executive Order. Just find these two pieces of evidence, I will definitely be able to get any redress.

Cloud letter: Do you rely on yourself to go? Rather than relying on public security or court?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes! Only on their own, can only rely on himself.

"No term, the next stage will always be good."

August 2010, the Kunming Intermediate People's Court on the " case" held a press conference,giubbotti woolrich, said that when the complaint has been served indeed, but because of the clerk of negligence, not sent to the relevant courts and tribunals. And expressed the clerk to handle the error, Taoyun Jiang also apply for state compensation.

Cloud letter: You stay in there for seven years, commuted to three years. Why give you commuted?

Tao Yunjiang: Before I did not apply, because the application must be accompanied by a confession, I have never written a confession. Later, Du Peiwu case is out, there is a policy in Yunnan, commutation application can not confession, and discipline so I wrote before I wrote it.

Cloud letter: discipline for how are you?

Taoyun Jiang: Good. Zhang discipline asked me: Taoyun Jiang, you tell so much, in the end you Yuanbu Yuan? I said I really injustice! He said you do not think about, and quickly went out to say. They have mercy on me a cripple, then give me a mix of a "tea set" (prison inmates to assist correctional administration), a cellmate also took me to dig herbs, help me to see a doctor.

Cloud Letter: Your body has been bad all these years?

Tao Yunjiang: now in poor health, cervical compression, distortion, and cerebral insufficiency, easy headaches, irritable. I was crippled them, lumbar nerve cause bad right leg lame, is three disability (disability certificate saying to watch out for reporters).

Cloud letter: You came out in 2003 after the beginning of the petition?

Taoyun Jiang: First look for evidence. God has eyes, I finally found what I want to prove that two. This went petition.

Cloud Letter: When the case is attention?

Tao Yunjiang: 2006, Ministry of Public Security issued catch large reception policy, a leading Public Security Bureau received me, especially in my case approved. Later on some smooth, sent a letter to the Kunming Intermediate People's Congress, a leader in the hospital, I personally received that case there is a problem.

Cloud letter: What was the mood? See hope?

Taoyun Jiang: There is hope, had an idea, and think the problem is just waiting. Also very grateful, there are still good people in this society.

Cloud letter: later dragged for so long has not been resolved, it will not be disappointed?

Taoyun Jiang: do not be disappointed, not the next, the next stage will always be a good man, I put too far, I've been waiting for so many years, do not care about the past few years.

Cloud letter: When did you know the reason for the appeal came to nothing?

Tao Yunjiang: Is 2010 the newspaper to see, and in a press conference, said the hospital was negligent clerking forgot to pay.

Cloud letter: What was the feeling?

Taoyun Jiang: This is just an excuse.

Cloud letter: Why do you feel is the excuse,

Tao Yunjiang: 2006, I Guandu District Public Security Bureau in accordance with a report back to the book, found the concrete in the hospital who received the complaint, and later went to look for the guy personally. This man now seems to be a judge. He said he handed over. And when I check the archives to see the appeal and I am in the same period of Guandu courts have 5 copies, except I did not. Others are paid, except I forgot why?

"Unfortunately, my family."

After Taoyun Jiang jail, addicted wife unfortunately, the separation of families. After seven years out of jail, Tao Yunjiang done everything petition, spent 10 years time for themselves and their families, "justice."

Cloud letter: After you have come to help you petition your wife?

Taoyun Jiang: Yes, she ran the court in order to scrape together tolls NPC run these, in order to find the relationship between a drug she had been with a man, and later stained with drug addiction, so my family is very unfortunate. But she is just my thing so I do not blame her.

Cloud letter: Why was still divorced?

Taoyun Jiang: I leave, I pick the laborers hat she can not afford. A divorce Well, she did not implicated with laborers. I have been playing crippled it, she could not afford it.

Cloud letter: she is now a good time?

Taoyun Jiang: Now working in the province. Last year I was supposed to make her sit back, but the court does not pass the witness, her back is useless, and there are no tolls. That the court did not pass a witness, I was angry, what case did not witness the trial?

Cloud letter: she addiction quit it?

Taoyun Jiang: Now quit.

Cloud letter: You go in, she addicted, two daughters how to do?

Tao Yunjiang: that mother with small and large band of my mother.

Cloud letter: They have much time?

Tao Yunjiang: small, only seven months, there is a big 2 years old. Father is not in the, mother carrying a small shoeshine gives this to earn a food. Large Well, my mother a little retirement pay.

Cloud letter: doll life was miserable, right?

Tao Yunjiang: children change several schools in the past Luo, Kunming in the past. I have several brothers and sister went to work outside the sub send money back to their school, thanks to them to help me keep up. Ma Street primary school teachers and students, will be to the point of clothes pants. If after the verdict, and helped us, and I have to thank them heavily.

Cloud letter: You came out, can not recognize two daughters, right?

Tao Yunjiang: recognize it. Well know for their dolls. I came out a couple of years ago my sister also took them to have seen me.

Cloud letter: they recognize you,air jordan 4 femme?

Tao Yunjiang: When I came out to see them already 23:00 and more, they have fallen asleep, she grandmother to wake them. I know that big, called out, "Daddy," "boom" has fallen to bed. The next day they went to school, I did not recognize doll money to eat breakfast. I buy meat, grocery shopping, came back three fried vegetables, and no table, on support from a dustpan when table, two dolls on the left and right chopsticks chopsticks clamped a little pork, and finally a soup are Qiangzhe Chi.

Cloud letter: Do you know the doll flies bitter?

Tao Yunjiang: yes ah. Just a few days into May Day,,woolrich prezzi, I took out two dolls that my father gave you buy school supplies. They said the father had no money, no. My father said the money, he took them to go. After buying something, give them to buy a cake. Two dolls say this is the cake ah, they simply may not recognize what a cake,, never eaten ...... (choked, his eyes moist)

Cloud letter: daughter now has a university, you happy?

Taoyun Jiang: so happy! She also said, Dad, I do not read, did not have money, I have to say Zage read, my father went begging to be read. It is because I have no money, she can read scores of universities outside the province, but that money, reported the province.

Cloud letter: Why did she choose the accounting profession?

Tao Yunjiang: because she wanted to learn law,, said she wanted to father redress. Later, I will not, I say life has been ruined by your dad, your life do not like me.

Cloud letter: Later she chose accounting?

Tao Yunjiang: ah, you may think my case involving financial aspects, she wanted to learn to help busy on. Freshman holiday, the first day to go and people to go shoeshine.

Cloud letter: You have a very sensible daughter.

Tao Yunjiang: small that is, she should follow her sister to go. I let go, she is too young, she studied also very good, one of the best in the class, in June this year she wanted to attend the college entrance examination. That is to say in these two dolls propped my friends, or else I would have collapsed.

"Do not hate."

After the Kunming Intermediate People's Court started the trial supervision program for seven years while Tao Yunjiang "miscarriage of justice" claims 41 million yuan, 41 million yuan in emotional. But the presiding judge said that the state compensation is not considered in the trial. Such as the end of the retrial second trial, sentenced as innocent, and to enter the compensation hearing.

Cloud letter: In recent years, there is no problem with you negotiated compensation?

Tao Yunjiang: just court, Political Committee to the family, said the case was wrong, there is a problem. Do not tell me everywhere,giubbotti moncler, and pay me three hundred thousand,hogan sito ufficiale, so I do not want a judgment.

Cloud letter: Do you agree with it?

Taoyun Jiang: I told them I was going to Yougejiaodai funded units, still owes more than 20 million, the company now gone, Chongde Yang died, withdrew companies do, but I'm still, I give them a good show. Three hundred thousand solve the problem, let them pay more hundreds of thousands. Later they were back on, and to say my family is my plea to do the work.

Cloud letter: so many years have passed, they have no money to find you, and also thinking about how to be a good show?

Taoyun Jiang: I do not care, but I have to survive the girl. Others to see, certain home father, crippled even lose money. All I want is fame. For me it is dead for the company to pay for the township government.

Cloud letter: Why is the township government for compensation?

Taoyun Jiang: This project is because there Kaiyuan demolition demolition down,piumini moncler, drag the time. There is a government run enterprises, said the agreement was signed Loaning 1 million, funds are not in place.

Cloud letter: still owes more than 40 million units financed,, police said, the money you used to be?

Tao Yunjiang: wrong! The company used, the Kaiyuan normal cost of this project. Not in place before 1 million, on the first for turnover. Prolonged time, money chain is broken.

Cloud letter: one minute you have not used,spaccio moncler?

Tao Yunjiang: No, I did not used to buy a car,, did not give the home a point. I have also posted a lot of money.

Cloud letter: Do you hate playing your people?

Taoyun Jiang: do not hate. They also perform the task. Wang Mougang come from the army,tiffany outlet italia, the police contract, to be positive,woolrich uomo, to be meritorious. So he is eager meritorious service.

Cloud Letter: When you come out there to find him?

Tao Yunjiang: find. Looking for a few years. He transferred several units, and deliberately avoiding me. Finally, once was I caught up. I think if he does not admit, hit him. And he said you can not blame me when you report it to the township government leaders reflect Politics and Law Committee, said go to jail, we would repay the township government, I also execute the command.

Cloud letter: then beat you, then you testify and clerks who neglect work, these people do not hate you?

Taoyun Jiang: do not hate. I just hate that I do torture to identify people who say I have not been hit hard.

Cloud letter: You have been shut for seven years, but out of everywhere you petition fee for 10 years, longer than jail time, you think it is worth it?

Taoyun Jiang: This is not the way! I went out to work already suffer no more. If I were not crippled healthy, I will not pull up, to keep a door can also have a thousand dollars, I can also study for the doll.