and pretended to be mentally ill

Friends borrowed 180,,000 women disappeared after accounting for private houses "eat rent"

Friend $ 180,hogan spaccio,000 to build a house swept away her money disappears, to compensate for the loss,requin tn pas cher, she occupied "good friend" of the house. Now the house is to be executed according to the law,moncler sito ufficiale, she tore the seal,hogan sito ufficiale, pry open the door, and pretended to be mentally ill,outlet moncler, unwilling to cooperate with the implementation. Recently, through the courts to enforce the judge's admonition Ninghai,air max pas cher homme, the crazy woman finally moved out of the house.

Ninghai Hemou have a good friend named Chen,moncler donna outlet, the two have nothing else to play mahjong together frequently,hogan outlet, stopping to chat with each other. The second half of 2011, due to necessities of life to the Mou Chen borrowed 180,woolrich uomo,000, saying that he has a house in captive. So,, no more consideration Hemou agreed.

By the end of 2011,scarpe hogan, Chen because not playing the missing money,peuterey prezzi, Hemou the idea of playing house. First,outlet hogan roma, carrying things went to live there,, then in order to be able to further compensate for the loss,,moncler sito ufficiale, Mou himself moved to the basement,hogan uomo, put Chen's house rented to someone else, collect rent. Mou on such a "dove over the magpie's nest",peuterey uomo, became counterfeit landlady.

Chen also owes more than 1 million other relatives and friends, in early 2013, several creditors were found not contact Chen, so have taken to court after the court for enforcement.

By the end of 2013,, Judge door execution, Hemou cried:. "Chen owes me money, I was creditors, I have the right to rent out."

January 2014,moncler outlet, the Executive Judge second home,moncler uomo, Hemou see the implementation Shuaqi rogue judge. A few days later the judge again to perform on-site, to the house for a lock and seal affixed. In early March,, the implementation of the fourth judge found the door to see the seals have been torn up, the door is also open, temporarily leaving only after re-affixed seals.

Hemou admitted that he tore up the seal, forced open the door and locks changed again. But she did not realize what is wrong with their behavior, repeatedly said: "? I am also a creditor,air max tn requin, I break the law yet."

Execution judge told Mou:. "Tore seals,, impede the implementation,, according to the law of judicial custody on the 15th," Mou heard panicked, immediately said he suffers from mental illness,louboutin femme pas cher, to escape detention. After verification is not true, then the court has taken custody of their measures.

The second day, Hemou court on behalf of their friends and relatives to recognize the error and promptly moved out of the house Hemou things,peuterey outlet, the court shall give its decision to lift the detention ahead.

Reporter correspondent in Wan Shan Zheng Zhenguo