Medicare designated hospitals somehow been changed

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Yesterday, Wuhan rule Yong accountability in politics do inform television exposure problems accountability for fourth. TV asked the government to ask the fourth field services, focusing bus service quality is not high, resident supervision and residential property company is not convenient for the process of social security and other issues, after the 11 specific problems were exposed, 19 people have been accountable handle responsibility.

For political action movies reflect "Jiangxia, Xinzhou District People's Congress reception costs close to Municipal People's Congress and CPPCC reception costs over the city CPPCC" issues,outlet ufficiale moncler, the current city government Yong accountability Municipal Bureau of Finance instructed to do a thorough investigation.

Social Security is not convenient for the process []

Medicare designated hospitals somehow been changed

Director of the Department for Social Security checks Jianghan

Exposure politics: never submit any relevant application, Wang Medicare patients with severe municipal hospitals into a hospital City Hospital, ran 40 days still can not solve. Wang call the mayor's hotline after only one day, but in the original hospital Medicare card use.

Accountability treatment: The investigation, exposure problems are true, the system upgrade in 2008 was due to data entry errors caused by the process. In April this year, the exposure for the film Mr. Wang Liu, he found the complaint after being inexplicably transferred, Jianghan Social Security Office staff Ying Xia not seriously be verified. Director of the Social Security Department ordered Jianghan system in the City and Social TV asked political questions rectification work meeting for examination; give Ying Xia admonishing remarks, all of the notification process and ordered to apologize to Mr. Xiang Liu.

A social security costs as much as four kinds of back France

Director of the Department for Social Security checks Hongshan

Exposure politics: in 2010,outlet woolrich verona, for his wife,, Hongshan District,tuta sci moncler, Mr. 43,giacconi uomo peuterey,000 yuan to buy a certain segment of the personal social security. In May 2011, his wife died unexpectedly, wife to Mr. request a refund under the name of social security charges. Unexpectedly, on this social security charges,aire max 90 pas cher, Hongshan District Social Security Office has given four different withdrawal method,rivenditori woolrich, and the amount of a year for a change.

Accountability treatment: the family of Mr. certain segment in September 2010 with the location of the village collective economic organizations participated in the basic old-age insurance for urban workers,peuterey uomo 2013,, died of illness in May 2011 (the case does not meet the statutory retirement age of death). According to the relevant provisions of the provincial, city,,rivenditori woolrich, Hongshan Social Security Department should promptly return the funds to the families of a certain section 23745.23 yuan. Due to the social security office staff Li Hongshan exist to explain its policies in the process, the service is not in place, resulting in Mr. refund amount do not agree,hogan catania, it has been unable to apply for a refund. Director of the Social Security Department ordered Hongshan television system in the City and Social politics rectification work conference for inspection; Li Lingan was due in May 2014 was the prosecution investigation. Currently, the Social Security Department Hongshan certain segment has to be returned to their families a one-time payment of all fees.

[Bus] service quality is not high

405 drivers leaving passengers to get off the road to buy bread

The driver stopped and a half class secretary branch manager was demoted

Exposure politics: not yet reached the end of the 405 bus drivers went even stop the markets,aire max bw pas cher, a move that caused discontent passengers.

Accountability treatment: at around at 17:00 on May 21, 405 road (five companies under the jurisdiction of the city bus line) driver Ai aim parking pass Liangshan head back down the passenger line station,scarpe hogan uomo prezzi, get off at the station side of the road to buy four farms bread, GPS systems display parking 2 minutes and 46 seconds. Municipal Transportation, City Bus Group to deal with the matter: the driver stopped Ai Chi Chuan training classes and a half months, after passing the examination for posts; give 405 long route removal treatment; give five bus company branch manager Qi Jianjun, secretary Lei Liqun demoted processing; give Deputy Minister of the Ministry of five bus technology equipment company, 405 road linking point package insurance group responsible Wang administrative warning; give Vice Minister Yun-service portion of the tube five bus company Wei Hanrong admonishing remarks processing; give five bus companies charge Wan Min, vice president of Bridge criticized handling; poetry autumn She ordered five bus company manager and party secretary ZHENG Ying made public review in middle management staff meeting, and were given 1000 yuan economic penalties.

Residential property [supervision]

Complaints from residents property costs rose faster

Property chief was admonishing remarks

Politics Exposure: East Lake Wan Forsythe peninsula residential property company ready to raise property fees,, caused many owners of dissatisfaction. Owners have introduced government guidance is 1 yuan to 1.2 yuan per square meter, 1.6 yuan per square meter residents pay high prices for nine years, and now have to property charges rose to 2.24 yuan per square meter,woolrich blu,, the owners can not accept.

Accountability treatment: the existence of the residential property price service fees body of work legitimacy and legality of the program, East Lake Housing Authority chief property held directly responsible will be dealt with admonishing conversation; now ordered Property Division is responsible make a written examination. Currently, the district government has set Gongzuozhuanban,prezzo moncler, communicated to the property company to suspend the collection of property charges under the new standards, and the organization of the industry committee election district.

Community overhead layer is the sale of rental

District Housing Authority staff were dismissed

Politics Exposure: East Lake Street Wujiashan Harvest Park residents in 2009 found that residents are collectively owned or leased overhead layer was changed to housing for sale. East Lake Housing Authority residents to reflect, investigate and verify the council before,saldi moncler online, but not below.

Accountability treatment: Jiahe East Lake Community Park Area B, D area overhead layer problem,piumini woolrich outlet online,, East Lake Housing Authority received the complaint, did not promptly investigate and implement administrative punishment according to law. Property Division staff after the council received a complaint Zhang Shengli, not timely report to the department head and disposal,giubbotti moncler donna, District Housing Authority has its dismissal of the chief of the property give admonishing remarks processing. District Housing Authority in Jiahe Forsythe Park and Wan peninsula in two cells,,giacconi moncler, the disposal measures ineffective,peuterey junior, and ordered the district government to make a profound written examination.

Public library opened underground parking car wash

Property Section member was criticized and removed

Politics Exposure: Dragon district in Fairview Lake High-tech Zone,outlet hogan online, underground public parking Curry opened the car wash, car wash, said that money to buy, say owners knowledge. Housing Authority staff tech Zone on the matter refused to communicate with the ombudsperson.

Accountability treatment: true exposure problems, including two parking spaces Hubei county property management company Aqua enclosed space after the lease as a car wash, and the other six spaces are separated by the operators themselves into office space and car wash site with glass walls, its behavior is unauthorized use change and illegal building shared facilities. Next,,hogan uomo outlet, East Lake High-tech District, Housing Authority property management company will conduct an investigation of violations and to make administrative punishment; the work is not timely disposal of District Housing Authority Property Section member Tao Hubei make informed criticism and transferred from their posts treatment; right directly responsible for the District Housing Authority Property Division is responsible for handling Lee Ki give admonishing remarks.

(Original title: the bus driver to get off to buy bread nine people were treated)