otherwise heavy punishment. In addition

Metropolis Daily News reporter Gao Long Dong Jianfei correspondent special correspondent Zhang Liqun, Wu Wei

Huanggang Qichun a "five palace," the man released from prison after a big recruit cowboys, in the formation of a local evil forces. To get on the leader of the local rivers and lakes of the top spot, he not only disturb, affray and causing death, but also illegal possession and storage of firearms,woolrich bari, casino. The most crazy day, he led and ordered his city in Qichun produced four cases from the street stabbed.

Yesterday, the Public Security Bureau announced Qichun, the success of this major gangs uprooted,orari spaccio woolrich bologna, 43 gang members were transferred to the prosecution of offenses recorded in the 35, as many as 51 dossiers.

Masked thugs chase the others racing

March 31 at 7 pm This year, Qichun town, a lot of people are on the streets walking exercise.

Local "Kenshin" FAN man in a hotel after dinner, and the other three men start car ready to leave. Suddenly,nike air max bw classic pas cher, FAN found a silver sedan and two Gold Cup car quickly rushed to his side, there is no slow down,http://kimsoku.com, avoid meaning. FAN subconsciously conclude: this group of people with ill intent, hastily left the pedal to the metal.

FAN from the rearview mirror to see cars and Jinbei car quickly followed up,http://bfdyjia.org/home.php?mod=space&uid=4916,jordan pas chers, he quickly drove to escape, all the way honking behind three unlicensed car accompanied by a huge roar followed. 4 vehicles like the movie, like,hogan parallele, in the county staged a dangerous car chase war, vehicles and pedestrians on the street seeing fleeing.

FAN Huangbuzelu Avenue traffic flow into the city of conglomerates, the line to Jiuxing hotels near, more and more people and vehicles on the road. While FAN hesitate to escape when the car he was driving was rear of the vehicle suddenly crashing, and collided with a spate of road vehicles, FAN slam the brakes to stop. Shock the occasion, three vehicles on down more than 30 armed with machetes, Fork masked men, facing FAN car while chopping and beat the occupants,http://www.wuzhoubbs.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=16195, resulting in four people were injured FAN serious damage to the vehicle, then sped away.

4 from downtown one day bursts stabbed case

Masked thugs crazy street racing knives to injure, this one, Qichun city hubbub, rumors.

Qichun County Public Security Bureau investigation quickly,https://fis.encs.concordia.ca/helpdesk-cgi/quota.cgi, the victim said FAN, chase him are covered surface, the car has no license, plus he offended a lot of people who are temporarily unable to speculate crime. Police carry out external investigation found March 31 this day,rivenditori woolrich bari, there are three local cases from the same means.

3:00 pm the same day,peuterey roma,http://www.tenipa.net/16/cgi-bin/memo/apeboard_plus.cgi?command=read_message&msgnum=35/, in the summer of Qichun Caohe town canal community, person A man high SUV parked near the home of the broken glass cut, bruised body; 4:00 pm, high person B driving a car in the town Caohe nearby night market stalls were intercepted more than ten people,http://www.shinmai.co.jp, chopping, side mirror was cut off, the car cut glass and body paint mess; 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the men and Wangmou Danmou Caohe car ride within four stations waiting for fuel, more than 10 people who suffered sudden machetes, Fork chase, Wangmou arm was stabbed.

Police carefully combing found stabbed 4 case from the victim, are in a force labor camp released Caohe city staff. Police judge, this is likely to be an evil for evil forces openly declared war on another.

Into the prison gang leader had five

Facts on cue. Police visited the learned, March 31 morning,peuterey merian, led by a bunch of young person A high Wuxue a bar in one of the largest scheduled boxes, ready to drink in the evening to sing for fun. Coincidentally, the evil forces entrenched in Qichun Caohe leader Wang with cowboys day advance to the bar, and usurped the high person A predetermined box. The two gang infighting on weekdays, the day has just met in a bar,outlet ufficiale moncler, so the two sides fight. As a result, Wang gang defeated and fled.

Thus, the police believe there is a major crime suspects Wang gang. The investigation, 29-year-year-old Wang, from the age of 16 and began a dirty crimes, robbery,http://billtran-moo.seesaa.net, intentional injury, trouble has been sentenced to four degrees, sentenced to two years, ten years,scarpe hogan donna, largely in the "cage "spent.

Just when the police investigation,woolrich spaccio veneto, April 24,woolrich vendita online, one of the key groups in the Humou Ming Wang gave himself up to come, saying all the things he did were, under false pretenses. Police convinced surrender is false, fucking is true, then will be counted on account of their assault trial,peuterey wiki,http://www.maydayfans.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=113232, Wang gang identify more than 30 people involved in organized criminal activity since the implementation of a number of criminal acts involving gambling, nursing field, strong embrace engineering and other industries Crime involve Caohe, Chidong other towns, has a prototype of the Mafia organization.

The police decided to close the net in time.

Gangs dicing management site

Subsequently, the police conduct in qichun, Yellowstone, Wuhan, Jiangxi,woolrich ragazza 16 anni, Shenzhen, Fujian, Hainan,cappotto woolrich, arrests,tiffany prezzi, attack 30 times, Wang gang members arrested more than 40 people.

June 5, the police gang members Yan Yuan Mou car search to emulate a ball gun. Under interrogation offensive, Yan Yuan Mou truthful account of his rented room has a Tiananmen imitation pistol, military bullets second serve. July 3, police in the vicinity of the rental Wang captured its success.

After the interrogation, Wang confessed on committed. July 2013, Wang Fifth released from prison. A release from prison, he immediately called correctional officers released by way of soft, hard look at violence, wherever he goes, casino, gambling protection, strong embrace engineering, the gradual accumulation of human and financial resources. Wang will be divided into several parts of the sphere of influence, strength enough disciples designated as the "Duration", led the men managed to consolidate the site. He also developed a rigorous discipline, internal hierarchy members have ideas, not less guilty. Must be unity among the members, and not strife, otherwise heavy punishment. In addition, Wang acquired a large number of devices and equipment, such as machetes, harpoons, steel and so on. Less than a year, Wang forces have continued to expand.

For example, in February of this year, no small fry to Wang Gan men "Red East Trailer" LvMou advance payment hello,piumini moncler sito ufficiale, allowed gambling in the local start. Then enter the casino cowboys called Lu underwent trouble, both sides offer evening set in three men crossing the street, "Rush." Wang Lu underwent through referrals,woolrich artic jacket, with nearly 30 people, armed with machetes, pipes, harpoons go challenge, Gan,hogan basse, with more than 20 personal defeat and go, Gan body with multiple injuries.

Qichun police, 43 gang members have been transferred to the prosecution,moncler outlet serravalle, waiting for them will be severely punished by law.

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