the man phoned Laicui money

(Reporter correspondent Liu Peng Hou Shi Yingjie accounted star fruit JIA) to have been intentional homicide (attempted) jail, released from prison less than a year, a former butcher man Changzhou Wang even by Piaozi disputes,woolrich bologna indirizzo, put in Zhangjiakou County will be a source of prostitutes murdered and dismembered. According to the woman afterwards he actually phone memory acquaintances telephone number, set a hoax kidnapping for ransom. Recently, Wang was Guyuan County Police Detention law.


Village women mutilated bodies discovered reservoirs

May 17 15 am,, Guyuan County,, Zhangjiakou village villager Wang When viewing their own pond,ciondolo chiave tiffany, saw a bright color,peuterey verona, not tie woven bag hanging half the pond. He opened it, turned out to be a double leg.

Guyuan County Public Security Bureau of Interpol brigade rushed to the scene. After careful salvage police within the pond and found a woman head,scarpe hogan donna outlet, and the head was heavy hitting obvious traces. But fragments of the bodies is not complete, there is another postmortem police to speculate.

From clothing to determine the deceased 40-year-old female. The victim was the murderer off the knife between the joint inference,felpe woolrich, the murderer knows anatomical knowledge.


Extortion murdered woman boss

Police investigators noted Murder case the deceased feet dyed blue toenail, which allow them to associate together yet cracked blackmail.

May 15 afternoon, Guyuan County, a small hotel owner Li Zhao suddenly received a mysterious phone, the phone is missing store attendant Huijun phone call.

Phone,, a man said,woolrich vendita on line, Huijun owed him 10,woolrich boulder,000 dollars,maglioni woolrich,, and now has been controlled Huijun, Li Zhao quickly want to get 7000 yuan ransom to release,moncler contraffatti, and then provide a bank card number. Within 10 minutes, the man phoned Laicui money, Li Zhao Huijun worry accident, they follow each other to provide the first bank card to remit 1,000 yuan, and promised this man,woolrich polar parka, after meeting all the ransom paid together. 15:00 more day, Li Zhao police.

Identified by Li Zhao, murdered woman is the hotel waiter Huijun. Huijun, 41,, Hubei Ji who is a waitress on the surface, is actually engaged in prostitution in the hotel.

The truth:

Clients after the murder of extortion

Interpol use high-tech means, quickly locked the suspect Wang, and its just temporary rental in the hill village of mutilated bodies found in the block.

May 17 17 am, in the Fengning a coach bound for Guyuan County,, get ready to meet with Li Zhao Wang ransom by police investigators arrested.

After the trial, Wang Jun, 40,spaccio woolrich bologna indirizzo e orari, who is in Cangzhou, only primary school education, 14-year-old butcher started. August 2005,giubbino woolrich, Wang intentional homicide (attempt) was sentenced to five years in prison Guyuan County. July 2009,outlet peuterey bologna, Wang released from prison.

May 14 morning, Wang Li Zhao occurred in a small inn and Huijun sexual relationship, after previously unwilling to pay enough Piaozi good talk,sito ufficiale moncler piumini, the two sides clashed. Afternoon,hogan scontate, when he was looking for money when Huijun, two occurred tussle,scarpe hogan donna outlet, Wang took a brick on the ground,hogan basse, causing his head to hit the spot in the other weighs. Subsequently,hogan outlet, Wang also borrowed sheep knife Huijun dismembered bodies were loaded in three bags, twice thrown far away from the village pond and trash.

On the 15th morning, he took the bus to Fengning County,catena tiffany, Chengde City. In Fengning County,, Wang Huijun pulls out a cell phone number stored in, one by one call fabricated hoax kidnapping, extortion of money,, but only innkeeper Li Zhao 1,hogan uomo,000 yuan to its remit.

(Text involved pseudonym)