being swept into the dustpan roadside trash

 After the newspaper December 14 A07 version published "Snow sanitation old couple people may feel moved" graphic reports on the network produced a strong response, especially the story of "Snow Saowan warm hand for his wife." Pictures,, was friends known as "the most warm this winter a photograph." As of 17 am yesterday,piumini donna peuterey, which news reports and photos Sina microblogging forwarding volume has more than 50,000,bologna spaccio woolrich, the number of comments have been tens of thousands, the dozens of news media reprint comment.

Among them,hogan blu uomo, the famous CCTV presenter Rui, People's Daily senior reporter Zhan Guoshu and many celebrities involved in forwarding this article news and comment.

In addition to the two old people touched by this warm and action, more people are concerned about the lives of the elderly. With expectations of netizens, 14 am yesterday,giubbotti woolrich uomo, reporters once again came to Chestnut Street near the east district,,giubbotti moncler 2013, and found the old man exchanged notes section. Old grandfather wore a brown wool cap,, pedal a pair of shoes worn cotton, being swept into the dustpan roadside trash, pour garbage truck. Reporters saw the arrival, the old man smiled toward the reporter,tiffany e co outlet italia, he bowed his head to continue working.

In place not far from the old man, his wife Zhao Cui Qiao was cleaning roadside trash.

Very talkative old aunt,outlet peuterey online, she told reporters, in order to keep clean the whole street,giubbotto tipo woolrich,, and they often back and forth many times in this street. 14 years,hogan alte,, two old hard. Cui Qiao Zhao told reporters that she and her husband are normally eat at home,outlet woolrich padova,, due to time constraints,piumini moncler outlet, on the 17th afternoon, she and her husband eating out two bowls of noodles spent nine yuan. Lift this luxury two bowls of noodles, Zhao Cui Qiao some distressed.

Ups and downs through 50 years old married couple. Cui Qiao Zhao quietly told reporters, because these days his wife's back pain was severe,,tiffany falsi, he spent four to six wife bought a four plaster. Zhao Cui Qiao said her biggest wish is his wife's waist disease can get better.

After seeing the newspaper reported,outlet hogan milano, bus 16 and six staff team also were moved, deliberately goes on the network widely circulated picture washed out into the frame,giacche woolrich, gave an old married couple.

@ Rui:! What a wonderful picture I downloaded saved in the phone,peuterey prezzi 2013, "the warmest winter this photo" Shijiazhuang Sanitation old couple snow,moncler piumini prezzi, old man for his wife hand warmers.

@ Zhanguo Shu: "This is Love": love,moncler online outlet,, is this on a heating Ha!

@ Shine_Guo2015: old lady very happy smile. This is pure happiness, joy. The reason why people are not happy, not because fewer have, but because you want too much. In fact, life is simple and happy.

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RMDaisy: If you do not leave, I will not give up,spaccio peuterey bologna, happiness is actually very simple - good warm photos.

■ This street, the old couple many times a day to and from the cleaning.

(Original title: "the warmest winter photo" Internet meme)