one day at noon

Newspaper Haikou November 29 (Reporter Wang Yanzhen photo coverage) on the 19th,woolrich parka bambina, the newspaper published the untimely death of his father remarried mother did not stay away from home for many years 12-year-old girl Haikou Higashiyama Carole Wang was the same village men raped the girl after 24 weeks of pregnancy reported that family members found,woolrich tarocco, who knows things took a dramatic turn today, reporters learned from the Police Department,peuterey bari, by Carole stillbirth after birth to DNA identification, police were surprised to find that pregnancy is not so Carole Wang. Surprisingly, the village is a 71-year-old man has raped Carole Wu three times.

November 19, the newspaper reported the 12-year-old girl Carole Haikou Dongshan raped pregnant 24 weeks after family members found afterwards Carole identified a 42-year-old Wang,cappotti peuterey, the same village and raped her, and Wang also admitted raped A Ling,piumini donna peuterey, and Carole pregnant consistent time,woolrich a poco prezzo, who knows when everyone thought let Carole was pregnant when Wang,sconti woolrich, who knows the recent DNA verification results, let Carole and their families by surprise.

Carole's grandmother Lim-Ah woman said sadly, after Carole admitted to the hospital, in the community of care and help,moncler bimbo sito ufficiale,, in the 20th move smoothly surgical abortion,serravalle outlet woolrich, and stillbirth Carole police also took away the birth of the DNA identification. "We really did not think there are other people,moncler mokacine, the family angry and sad, how could someone so frenzied succession for a child to do such a thing." Lim-Ah woman angrily told reporters that her son recently received a phone Dongshan police station, Carole said DNA results show that children are not being pregnant Wang,vendita hogan online, can she and her family have been doing ideological work Carole, and asked the children there who raped her, but the child is reluctant to say.

"I said if she did not say that I would not care a few of her brother and sister." In Carole's uncle, who mobilized, Carole has finally reveal another secret. Carole said that in May this year, she was also the name of the village with another 7 nonagenarian Wu raped, one day at noon, she was brought to the village,, Wu a broken house, Wu off her pants and panties She also raped her violence to, but also to succeed after her money,, but she was not scared and ran away. Wu at the first rape her, raped her and then another two times afterwards have to give her money, but she did not want. Who knows,,hogan uomo outlet, unfortunately, after Wu, the same village Carole Wang also raped.

"He (Wu) said that if I say go on killing me,,basket air max homme pas cher,, so I can not say." Carole told reporters.

Reporters learned that the rape of 71-year-old Wu Carole had no children, is a five guarantees,hogan italia, Carole raped three times. In the scene when the police arrest, Wu has been shouting "money is not rape," said Wu sophistry, because he is no father no mother Carole sympathy pain, usually from time to time to Carole some pocket money to buy snacks,hogan outlet torino, He was not forced Carole, Carole he only raped three times, all happened at his home.

12-year-old girl after another by the same two men raped the village, which is also a reflection of today's rural underage girl weak sense of self-preservation. Wu discourse caught out when it can see its weak legal consciousness, and even 12-year-old girl was raped criminal behavior must be severely punished not know.

Currently,hogan outlet online shop, the case is still under trial,negozi peuterey torino, whether the child is Carole belly man of seventy,, police are still under investigation. Reporters learned today from the Dongshan police station,woolrich travel jacket, after his arrest by the hospital due to severe hypertension was found with Wu,,moncler italia outlet, Wu is currently released on bail,vendita moncler, but he will be waiting for the law.